Pacific Rejuvenation Medical Opens a New Beauty Clinic In San Fernando Valley

Ridding the body of fat has never been more important. The absolute evidence of obesity related issues is well-documented and proven. While many people are successful with diet and exercise, some simply cannot achieve this. For them, surgical intervention is a valid option.

dr Brian Shafa is a plastic surgeon with Pacifice Rejuvenation Medical. He offers three, cutting edge possibilities in liposuction, fat removal, large volume lipo or lipo 360, lipo sculpting and High Definition lipo.

Of the three, Lipo 360 has seen the most requests from patients. Lipo 360 removes excess fat from around the abdominal region and is one of the original liposuction procedures.

Lipo 360 is successful, but Dr. Shafa is quick to remind people this is not weight loss surgery. He said, in part, “Liposuction is not reducing the stomach’s size. It is removing body fat for a smaller shape. Diet and exercise are absolutely necessary to maintain the new look.”

Lipo 360 is done under general anesthesia with IV sedation. Vacuums pull target fat out of the body while Dr. Shafa uses specialized techniques to sculpt the body.

Post-operative care and physician follow-ups are necessary. There will be minimal downtime, and you will be limited on most of your physical activities for a period of time. Once cleared from the surgeon, you can begin your new health regimens including diet and exercise.

dr Shafa offers initial consultations with prospective patients. Learn more at the website. Visit for details.

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