Experts suggest shopping early for Thanksgiving dinner as food prices continue to rise

Food prices continue to rise ahead of Thanksgiving

Experts suggest shopping early for Thanksgiving as food prices continue to rise.

Consumer prices are experiencing the largest rise in inflation in more than 30 years. Recent consumer price index data shows that food prices have increased 4.6% since September 2020.

Meat prices rose by 12.6%, fish and seafood prices rose by 10.7% and there are also increases in fruit, vegetables, cereals, baked goods and soft drinks.

People experience high prices for turkeys in grocery stores. FOX 11 shopped in the San Fernando Valley Thursday to compare turkey prices.

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Pavilion’s turkey prices were $ 1.99 per pound, with a smaller turkey costing $ 24.38 and a large turkey about $ 45. Ralph’s turkey prices for Butterball turkeys were $ 1.99 a pound and 49 cents a pound with the Kroger brand as of Nov. 19. Von’s prices were in the middle at $ 1.49 per pound.

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Buyers said they were surprised to see the high prices and the prices are putting a strain on their wallets.

“We have just talked to all the workers about how expensive it is [prices] is and it’s crazy, “said Daniella.

Sherry, a buyer at Gelson’s, said she had no plans to buy turkey this year but noted prices around 49 cents a pound.

“You just have to go shopping. If you feel like you need to eat turkey because someone else in history has eaten turkey, go shopping. You can shop for most things, ”said Sherry.

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