“Mayhem” Miller is said to be involved in bar fights, police officers are investigating

Jason “Mayhem” Miller allegedly broken his ribs in a bar fight just days before he was arrested for domestic violence. TMZ Sport have learned.

Our law enforcement agencies told us they responded to a recent fight in a bar in the San Fernando Valley. When they got there, the argument was over and we were told no one wanted to bring charges, so everyone was allowed to leave.

However, the next day one of the people involved in the brawl went to the hospital … and several broken ribs were diagnosed.

Jason Mueller

At that point, we were told that the police had made an incident report of a physical assault. They are expected to refer the case to the LA prosecutor in the near future … and they will decide whether or not to charge Mayhem over the legal battle.

Of course, we published the story last week that Miller – who has a long history of troubles – was arrested for domestic violence after a woman accused the fighter of beating her early Friday morning.

During the domestic violence arrest, Mayhem had a tough time as police officers used a taser to handcuff him.

The police said the alleged victim had injuries to the face and neck.

This case is still active … and depending on what the prosecutor decides, Miller could face additional charges from an entirely different alleged incident.

History develops …

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