Kanye West Trying to Bring Back Donda Academy in LA Area Church

Kanye West is trying to breathe new life into his Donda Academy — this time in a new, holier location, even though the school has all but crumbled.

pastor Ronald Nagin of Cornerstone Christian Church tells TMZ he and Kanye have had 3 face-to-face meetings over the last month, and Ye expressed interest in leasing some of the church space in Northridge, CA — in LA’s San Fernando Valley — for the Donda Academy.

We’re told Kanye believes CCC is an improvement from Donda’s old space in Chatsworth — where Ye reportedly relocated to last year. Prior to that, Donda Academy was operating out of Simi Valley.

donda academy

As for what Ye likes about Cornerstone, Nagin says he likes the fact it offers a bigger space with more classrooms and a sanctuary. Worth noting … if Ye pulls the trigger on this, he’d only be utilizing a portion of the grounds — not all of the church property.

While Nagin notes this isn’t a done deal yet, the wheels are in motion … because we’re told Cornerstone’s lawyers are drafting up a lease for Ye right now.

Kanye West's Donda Academy May Shut Down, Teachers Quitting Over Antisemitism


Kanye West’s Donda Academy May Shut Down, Teachers Quitting Over Antisemitism

It’s not a one-way street of interest either … Nagin says the church views Donda Academy as a good fit for them too. We’re told Kanye’s priority is providing good education in a Christian environment, which is right up the church’s alley, as Cornerstone has had many schools operate out of the church in the past.

Of course, the biggest issue — Kanye losing his students and teachers, who’ve recently fled for other programs. If he’s successful in locking down the new space, he’ll have to recruit a lot of new students, and convince the old ones to come back.

If you’re wondering whether Kanye’s recent bigoted and antisemitic comments are going to be a hindrance, the answer is no — Nagin tells us he considers Ye a good guy and a friend. He even swung by this week for service, separate from the negotiations over the would-be rental space.

It’s interesting … word is, Donda Academy has been a bit of a bare-bones operation that’s open, sometimes not amid Ye’s erratic behavior — so, uprooting it again wouldn’t be as strange as it seems from the outside.

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