Gary Bandy Obituary (2021) – Los Angeles, CA

March 8, 1941 – October 5, 2021 Gary “Butch” Allen Bandy, 80, of Los Angeles, California, passed away on October 5. He had a unique ability to defy stereotypes and convention; Gary was a businessman and artist, developer and farmer, avid reader and accomplished fisherman. Gary was born on March 8, 1941 to Gerald and Emilia Bandy at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital in Los Angeles County and grew up in San Fernando Valley. Gary was a lifelong outdoor man and so proud to be the youngest member to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout at that time. He grew up in California at a time of tremendous change, and despite the many obstacles he had to overcome, Gary embodied so much of what California was all about at the time: optimism and growth, resilience and confidence, and both power and opportunity Added talent to his work in his father’s Burbank machine shop, primarily serving the aerospace industry. Under Gary’s leadership, Bandy Hinge became a pillar of the aerospace industry, and its hinges were critical to the successful design and effectiveness of fighter jets, the space shuttle, and passenger aircraft. Gary helped translate the success of Bandy Hinge into real estate development, turning Burbank into a hub for technology and innovation, as well as the entertainment industry. Its buildings add fun and flair where others were monotonous and predictable; Factories and office buildings had towers and turrets. Troll Haven, a working farm he built in Washington state with a castle, troll statues, and dragon gates, draws visitors from all over the world. He loved his family: Mrs. Greta; Kids Brett, Cindy, Jennifer, Garrett, Melanie, Jarrod, Geoffrey, Matthew, Ellexandria, Emilia, Beatrice; and brother Dennis. Gary was honored to have 11 children, 12 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren whom he adored and whose lasting memories will be of fishing trips, trips with him around the farm, and the boat trip to the toy store. His legacy lives on in his many accomplishments, in the memories of his family and the stories they and everyone who knew him will tell and remember. Commemoration will be announced separately.

Published by Los Angeles Times on October 17, 2021.

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