Don’t wait to pick the perfect persimmons at the farmers market

Laura Ramirez from JJ’s Lone Daughter Ranch returns to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market after her annual hiatus with a persimmon harvest. Ramirez meets market correspondent Gillian Ferguson and suggests waiting for the Hachiya variety to mature into a water balloon softness to soak up the creamy interior. Conversely, the Fuyu variety can be eaten as hard as an apple.

Chef Diego Argoti of Street pasta uses persimmon in a classic saffron parmesan risotto with duck curry. The fruit’s natural pectin and sugar form their own thickening base. For vegans, he makes dang dang noodles with pickled fuyu to add acid. He’s also working on a hachiya push pop that tastes like an orange creamsicle but topped off with trout roe. “I want people to think differently about persimmons because they deserve that attention,” says Argoti.

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