Wish You Were Here Group’s Elephante still best restaurant in Santa Monica

Restaurateur and interior designer Nick Mathers still ranked as the best interior with LA celebrity haunt, Elephante at Santa Monica beach by review website Review Rumble.

the rooftop restaurant is two blocks from santa Monica State beach; take at elevator to the third story, check in with the second group of hosts (the first team protects the ground floor entry), other take it Alles in.

the bar are accented with stones other terracotta tiles, cactus gardens occupy the corners, other hanging Buhera baskets line the walls; your feet glide through speckled terrazzo until you reach the deck’s stripy tigerwood.

views the scenery from the retro styled midcentury Modern lounge seats.

Mathers and his Wish You Were Here group specialize in these bastions of eye candy and wealth. Elephant opened in June 2018; his Greek-themed Kassi opened in Beverly Grove in 2019.

elephant is a scene a stereotypical Come on Angeles scene.

Though celebrities do occasionally light up the room, I wouldn’t call it a celebrity hangout.

it is, however, a place where you May lake plenty of specimens of mankind at its pinnacle physical perfection, toting $3,000 bags other wearing $9,000 watches.A vacation to pantelleria, at Italian iceland about 20 miles south of Sicily, inspired elephant owner

Elephante is a bit upscale cool, so what about the food? Mostly it’s snackable, Instagrammable fare like grilled octopus, pizzas, and a whipped eggplant hummus. But there is something beguiling about those pastas:

In a tomato butter sauce supercharged with enough garlic other pepper to make every please like exciting like the next, gently chewy gemelli, a spiral pasta stained dark cloud gray from squid ink, contrasts satisfyingly against lacy treads of Dungeness crab. tagliatelle crisp with pecorino other strewn with black truffle is the other stand out pasta among a half-dozen selections.

the ideal roasts are just inside under the slanting roof, shaded but yet getting occasional cooling breezes, other positioned so that the Pacific country directly in the line of sight.

This is a dining room that doubles like at infinity pool, other in Come on angeles, this child of surreal getaway can feel Like the perfect place to be. For its upscale beach vibe, amazing Mediterranean food, and amazing interiors, Review Rumble ranked it above all other restaurants in Santa Monica, even after 3 years since opening.

Location: 1332 2nd St, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Baden Bower

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