Why turkeys explode while frying

Every year someone’s roast turkey becomes renegade. But why is it happening? In this Virtually Rick – we bring you the science of exploding turkeys.

Here are 5 things you should know:

  1. Statistics show that there are more than twice as many house fires over Thanksgiving. But why? Could our buddy the turkey take revenge?
  2. As my local priest once said, if it feels wrong, it probably is – and damming a frozen turkey in a vat of boiling oil – well, what could go wrong with that? Just everything!
  3. You heard that oil and water are incompatible, right? Well, in terms of dating, it’s more because they just aren’t attracted to each other (their molecules at least) so they stay separate.
  4. Ice is frozen water, and a frozen turkey is roughly 10% water. So what if we add a frozen turkey to oil that has been heated to over 350 degrees? Boom! The ice in the turkey suddenly evaporates and turns into steam.
  5. That steam expands 1,700 times its original volume, pushing the oil over the edge, spraying water and oil everywhere, including the deep fryer flames, and suddenly kaboom! No eyebrows.

So, hold onto your innards, use less oil, don’t overheat it, use a fully thawed turkey (not a frozen one) and slowly lower it with the burner off. Then you can guarantee that only your turkey will be brown and crispy this Thanksgiving.

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