This corpse flower opened on Halloween – NBC Los Angeles

What you should know

  • San Diego Botanical Garden at Encinitas
  • A corpse flower bloom is short-lived, lasting (give or take) a day or two, so check the garden’s website before visiting
  • $ 18 adult garden entry; flowering is expected to end on November 1st

An insidious interlocking: We like it when it’s a little insidious on the last day of October. Life can be a little creepier, and our everyday life can be something dramatic, and what if the events get a little disgusting? You just stick to the topic. So if there’s an interlocking of events that can be described as gloriously insidious, call it a little Halloween-style magic. And this insidious joy actually took place on Sunday, October 31st, when, after several days of close observation, a real and really rare corpse flower finally opened in the San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas. Not only did this bloom, famous for its nose-testing, notoriously noxious smell finally unfold its frills on Halloween, but it all happened in an eerie way on Halloween night that feels even more enchanted.

BUT NO MAGIC MAGIC … were poured; rather, the employees of the extensive garden took care of the flowering for several weeks and patiently paid attention to the leisurely timeline of the Amorphophallus Titanium. The smelly show is expected to end on November 1st and many visitors will be queuing to see and sniff it as the corpse flower only blooms “every four or five years”. Ari Novy, President and CEO of San Diego Botanic Garden, shared the enthusiasm: “The corpse flower is the rock star of the plant world. It is the focus today with its incredible blooms and stench everyone comes to see this amazing plant in all its glory, but hurry up! It’s a short show. “If you can’t make it to Encinitas, you can see (if not smell) this marvel from the comfort of your own home via the garden’s social media posts.

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