The governor’s race comes to the beach

John Cox, one of the Republican candidates vying to succeed Governor Newsom, drove his Recall Newsom; Fix California Bus Tour ”Thursday with stops in Santa Barbara and Santa Monica.

Cox storms the state, telling voters to focus on Newsom and ignore distractions from other candidates.

“California is broken. It’s unaffordable, fires are out of control, taxes are too high, homeless people are everywhere, there is a shortage of water and shops are closed, ”he said. “The professional politicians have not solved any of these problems. I have plans to turn California around and as a businessman I know how to get results. This campaign has to be about fixing California, not partisan politics. “

Cox is the second candidate to hit the area in as many days after Larry Elder visited Venice on Wednesday. Elder’s trip was cut short by an egg-throwing woman in a gorilla mask and the general hostility of residents of a nearby homeless camp.

Newsom has branded the recall as a Republican seizure of power that would put residents at risk by taking back coronavirus protection and putting national Democratic priorities at risk if a Republican were to nominate candidates for Senate or Congress.

Recent polls by the bipartisan Public Policy Institute of California on the recall’s critical first question – whether or not Newsom should be removed – found that only 39% of those who support its removal were down. That number is roughly the same as the GOP candidates’ vote in recent nationwide races – in 2018, no aspirational Republican could break 40% of the vote – suggesting that this is a cap for Republicans and conservative moderates and Independent represents.

President Biden is expected to rally with Newsom in Long Beach on Friday after Vice President Harris crossed the state this week.

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