| Caltrans announces another complete closure of I-210

The California Department of Transportation has announced that Sylmer’s westbound Interstate 210 will be completely closed for 55 hours over the weekend due to paving work.

The lockdown is part of a series of 55-hour lockdowns taking place on I-210 in the San Fernando Valley. Residents and local businesses located near the freeway can experience noise, vibration, and dust related to construction work.

This is the final road work on Westbound I-210 between Rocksford Street and Interstate 5 (I-5) for this project. The closure is as follows:

– Friday, September 10, Monday, September 23, 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

– Complete closure of I-210 in a westerly direction between I-5 and Roxford St.

– Westbound Polk St.On Lamp

– Westbound Roxford St.On Lamp

– Westbound Yarnell St. entrance and exit

– West Bound I-210 to I-5 Junction

– Eastbound Paxton Street Offramp

Motorists are advised to use State Highway 118 as an alternate route to reach their destination and avoid completely restricted areas.

Some closings can start and end later. All closings are subject to change depending on the weather. Drivers can expect delays and it is advisable to check traffic conditions before driving to their destination. Caltrans express card..

The work of I-210 is $ 135.5 million project Replace all lanes of I-210 with a new sidewalk from Wheatland Avenue to I-5. Entrances and exits, connections and adjacent shoulders are also rehabilitated. The overhead shield structure, traffic loop detector, median and guardrail system will be upgraded. This project is financed by Senate Draft 1 (SB 1), the Road Repair and Accountability Act 2017.

Caltrans notifies the driver that it is a “Work Zone Alert” and a “Slow for the Cone Zone”.

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