San Fernando Valley neighborhoods undergo cleanup efforts after storm damage

Multiple neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley were dealing with storm cleanup efforts Tuesday following the winter storm that dropped several inches of rain on Southern California.

The storm from Monday into Tuesday morning impacted a neighborhood in Studio City. On Fredonia Drive, the street was covered in mud and standing water. About a dozen homes were impacted by the muddy mess, and some residents were unable to move their cars due to the mud.

In Valley Village on Weddington Street, a large tree topped over Tuesday morning during the rainstorm, landing on four cars. The uprooted tree heavily damaged the cars and also left part of a driveway and sidewalk damaged.

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Alejandro’s car was one of those was hit by the tree. He spoke with FOX 11.

“My neighbors called me in the morning. I had just moved my car [to the area where the tree fell] and then at 9 o’clock, my neighbors called me again, and my car was hit,” he said.

Alejandro said he called his insurance and also called city officials. He said he is grateful he was not inside his car when the tree came down.

“Thank God. I have my life. I have a family. It’s not a big deal. Thank you, God,” he said.

Flooding, mud and debris clean up in Studio City

Mudslides trapped multiple cars in Studio City after heavy rains Monday. Now crews are working to move the mud.

Bill Reilly, a long-time Valley Village resident, walks his dog, Pepsi, along the street every day.

“I’ve been doing this route three times a day for nine years. This tree was so big that it shaded this side and this side [of the street]. We’ll miss the tree very much,” said Reilly.

Reilly also expressed sympathy for the car owners.

“I feel terrible for all those people who just parked their cars and I hope they had insurance. Good grief, I mean even if you have insurance, it’s still a loss, just terrible,” said Reilly.

Reilly said the rain was relentless in Valley Village on Monday.

“It was a consistent hard rain for hour after hour after hour. It had been going on like that for over 24 hours,” said Reilly.

There were no injuries reported from the damage in either neighborhood.

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