Quiet places for cycling near Woodland Hills

Los Angeles and the bicycle have always had a love-hate relationship. With wonderful weather and an abundance of open spaces, you might think the city would be perfect for relieving stress or calories. Unfortunately, cycling in LA also brings with it aggressive traffic, sporadic and questionable bike lanes, and some riders who just don’t respect cyclists.

This is exactly why all these cycling adventures usually take place on roads that are free from annoying honking or emission-spitting cars that have little traffic. The following suggestions for quiet biking spots near Woodland Hills are great for all fitness levels, so you can enjoy everything from a pleasant evening tour to a sweaty mountain excursion.

Marvin Braude bike path, This trail ends at Will Rogers State Beach on the Pacific Coast Highway in LA and Via Riviera / Paseo de la Playa in Torrance and is commonly referred to as “The Strand” by locals and has been featured in hundreds of television programs and movies. The attraction remains a great way to explore the many beach town personalities along the famous Los Angeles County’s beachfront, from the rich and famous cliff houses in Pacific Palisades to the entrance of Temescal Gateway Park. If you drive along the open beach you will reach the Santa Monica Pier, where you can stop for a Ferris wheel / roller coaster / carousel ride, have an ice cream or visit one of the incredible farmers markets. A few blocks away is 3rd Street Promenade, which attracts even the most seasoned LA fashionistas with the “ultimate shopping experience”. After Santa Monica’s myriad attractions, head to Venice Beach, with its muscle beach, skate parks, artists, and quirky shops. Parking is available the entire length of the trail, usually next to public beaches.

Topanga State Park, is located in the cliffs and canyons of the Santa Monica Mountains and offers 58 km of hiking trails through open grasslands, live oak trees, and spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. Here, you’ll be mesmerized as you explore slippery long roads, multiple hiking trails like the Temescale Ridge Trail, Eagle Rock Trail, Los Liones Trail, Caballero Canyon Trail, and more. Anyone whose impression of Los Angeles comes from the mass media presence – as well as countless depictions from Hollywood film studios over the decades – would be shocked to discover the beautiful and lush open space within the city limits. The area surrounding Topanga State Park is halfway between the major population areas of the west side of LA and the San Fernando Valley. As a result, they provide great recreational opportunities for millions of the area’s residents, including miles of open fire roads and even single-lane trails for mountain biking. Indeed, if ruggedness is your thing in your biking adventures, Topanga State Park maintains an authentic wilderness feel with rough terrain and all kinds of wildlife to keep you company.

Lake Balboa / Anthony C. Beilenson Park, Located on 6300 Balboa Boulevard in Van Nuys, it offers a breathtaking park landscape with bike paths, lakes, tennis courts, golf courses, benches and much more. The lake is beautiful and the park is calm so you’ll have plenty to do throughout the day – whether you’re playing a few outdoor games or scootering and cycling on the lush lawns and clean paths, this is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. Free parking spaces are available throughout the park, just look out for the street cleaning signs!

Serrania Park, Located on 20726 Wells Drive, has a large lawn with picnic tables, a playground, and a concrete sidewalk that’s perfect for biking – but there’s so much more to do here. Enjoy a leisurely walk, running, a dog park on / off a leash or treat yourself to a shady spot for a pleasant picnic alone or with a significant other and friends. Tucked away in the Woodland Hills suburb on the corner of Serrania Avenue and Wells Drive, Serrania Park is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true. This park has plenty of space for dogs and people to move around freely, including benches, the picnic tables mentioned above, and a play area for the kids. In addition, the accommodation is clean, well-maintained and has ample parking.

Muntis cave, in the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve, offers popular hiking and climbing opportunities with a number of caves and elevated sunsets, and serves as the backdrop for some great bike rides for the more adventurous. When the Ahmanson Ranch was turned into a park in 2004, it sheltered a surprisingly spacious cave. What is known as the Cave of Muntis has 2,650 acres of beautiful rolling hills, prairies, and former ranch land. Nearby Castle Peak, a derivative of the Chumash name “Kas’elew”, was used by the Chumash as an important ceremonial site during the solstice, and the Muntis Cave (which is in direct sight of the low, rocky peak) was reportedly used the home of a powerful Chumash shaman. Today the cave can be easily visited via a short hike from El Scorpion Park or a longer, more pleasant loop from the Victory Trailhead.

Orange Line busway cycle route, stretching from North Hollywood to Woodland Hills, is a 14-mile cycle and pedestrian path parallel to the Metro’s Orange Line express bus route. This bike path with beautiful wildflowers is perfect for hiking, running, bird watching and road biking all year round. Since it will take several road crossings to fully complete the trail, caution should be exercised before setting off. The entire trail is rated as easy (three percent or less) and is considered passable for most wheelchairs / mobility devices or stroller users. In the paved parking lot on Lassen Street at the northwest end of the path, there is at least one designated accessible space that is accessible via striped access walkways by van. The path surface is paved / concreted and smooth and is at least six feet wide on average, while a painted dividing line along most of the path narrows the width.

Calabasas lake, Located in 23401 Park Sorrento in Calabasas, it combines a beautiful lake with excellent areas for running, exercising and cycling, all in a safe, local-only environment with no lounging around. Enjoy a refreshing bike ride in the middle of this wonderful landscape on a sidewalk expressly intended for cyclists, and for a change, cycle to Lake Calabasas Park, a 2.7 mile route on the outskirts of Calabasas that has no elevation gain and is super easy to navigate. If nature and wildlife are your thing, the turtles, ducks, geese, cranes and other birds that call Lake Calabasas their home are a real treat, especially considering you are still in one of the most populous states in the Country.

“Dirt” Mullholland is the unpaved stretch of famous Mullholland Drive that runs from 101 West over the Santa Monica Mountains and ends at PCH near Leo Carrillo State Park. Built in the 1920s to showcase properties in the San Fernando Valley and Hollywood Hills, the ridge road / trail now offers great views to the north and canyons to the south – all with breathtaking ocean views. The trail offers views of Encino Reservoir and links to hiking trails in several parks to the south. This 13 km long, moderately popular gravel / gravel path also offers a bike path that can be used in both directions and takes about 39 minutes. Access is from the southern end of Reseda Boulevard; From 101, take the Reseda Boulevard exit and travel 3.5 miles south to the car park.

Limeklin Canyon Trail, a 3.8 mile, heavily trafficked, round-trip trail near Porter Ranch begins on Rinaldi Street between Tampa Avenue and Corbin Avenue Gorge). A mix of paved and dirt roads, the Limeklin Canyon Trail offers single trails and short climbs, a picnic area, mixed grasslands and oaks (with a few palms and other trees), and rabbit and bird watching. All of this makes this place one of the busiest for walkers and cyclists in Woodland Hills – especially on weekend mornings. Cross an enchanting stream multiple times on your journey and enjoy a few climbs to Tampa Avenue before descending back into the canyon. This gentle path near town with picnic tables and benches is a must for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds.

When it comes time to explore LA’s best bike trails, the rugged wilderness surrounding the city offers tons of opportunities for mountain biking and more. So pedal along the ocean, through a valley, or around Woodland Hills on some of the best bike trails in town featured in this Woodland Hills Magazine roundup.

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