NATURALLY TAN begins October 12th at the Santa Monica Playhouse

Naturally Tan, the award-winning show, written, produced, and performed by Tanya Thomas, directed and developed by Jessica Lynn Johnson, begins at the Santa Monica Playhouse, 1211 Fourth St., Santa Monica, CA 90401, Tuesday, October 12, 2021 at September 19, 2020 : 30 p.m. After the performance, there will be a reception on the Playhouse terrace.

The Covid security protocols applicable on the day of the performance are observed. This show is performed in front of a live audience in the Playhouse. However, a streaming link is available upon request.

Tanvi is a spirited drag queen from Singapore who “shows off her best self,” which is relevant for a show that discusses the implications of beauty standards and the complexities of racial identity. She is our guide through the story of Tanya Thomas. Born in Singapore to parents from Kerala, India, she is quite a bit darker than her classmates, most of whom are Chinese. A culture of colorism is widespread in the Asian diaspora, with porcelain skin being the ideal.

Tanya begins developing physically at the age of 8 and has the body of an adult woman by the age of 10. Her full figure and wavy hair also fail to adapt to the world around her, and she is desperately trying to adapt.

She continues her quest for acceptance when she comes to college in America and succeeds as a radio host and speaker (where her looks and identity are hidden). She falls in love, gets married and has a daughter.

Will Tanya be able to see her own beauty and instill a sense of self-worth in her daughter?

Call (310) 394-9779 extension. 1. Or send an email to [email protected] When making a reservation by phone, include the name of the show, the number of seats you want, your full name and contact number.

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