Film distributors optimize rollouts in the midst of Omicron – Specialty Box Office – Deadline

United Artists Releasing is unlikely to be expanded Licorice pizza see you next month and Sony Pictures Entertainment will take it slow jockey as the Omicron variant delays the return of the elusive older demo to theaters.

jockey– one of the weekend’s few new releases – reported an estimated opening of $ 4,161 in three locations for an average of $ 1,030 per screen. But the hub’s main attraction seemed to be the holdover Parallel mothers in the second week with Pedro Almodovar’s film, which grossed an estimated $ 30,238, also on three screens, for an average of $ 10,079 per theater and $ 115,224 per theater. Both will expand through January before the Oscar nominations, but Co-President Tom Bernard said SPC will switch gears and “take their time” with Jockey while Omicron encounters specialty dishes, the strong reviews and during the rental the word of mouth of the film is waiting to circulate, and as the market – hopefully – improves.

“I think it’s a wait and see. I think some of the upcoming opening dates might change a bit because with the pandemic we’re just really watching people’s behavior and Omicron, Barker said.

Paul Thomas Anderson’s Oscar Buzzy Licorice pizza, which ran in four theaters on Thanksgiving weekend and climbed to 786 at Christmas, is staying there for now and is postponing an expansion planned for mid-January. “We will stick to a tighter release pattern until the Omicron market relaxes a bit. There’s no need to rush, ”said Erik Lomis, UAR’s sales director. UAR is said to have already reduced a first expansion to well over 1,000 screens, which was planned for the past weekend.

Oscar nominations are late this year, not before February 8, and there is hope that the variant will be in January / Feb. after the vacation wave.

Licorice pizza is not. 8 at the North American box office in week six, with $ 1.25 million gross, an average of $ 1,589 per screen, and sales of $ 6.3 million. It hit an average opening screen of $ 83.8K in November before every headline hit about Omicron.

Gucci’s house, also from UAR and one of the few adult distorting films to dent the box office this year, is set to fetch an estimated $ 787,549 ($ 1,114) over the weekend. It’s in week six on 707 screens (minus 200) with a cume of $ 49 million.

Back to Parallel Mothers, Barker said the strong second weekend came as no surprise. “If you have a good first weekend vacation, expect a good second vacation weekend – especially when you see the days of the week going as well as they do.” He said the demographics are pretty evenly distributed: a third young, a third middle Old; and a third older. The younger Auds, who are traditionally not Almodovar fans, had more contact with his work – including through retrospectives on HBO Max and TMC this year, Barker said.

The film plays Penelope Cruz as the new mother in a tangled relationship with a young girl she met in the maternity ward before giving birth. Jockey plays Clifton Collins, Jr. as the aging jockey hoping to win one final trophy. Licorice Pizza is a quirky love story set in California’s San Fernando Valley in the 1970s.

Elsewhere, Neon’s Memoria grossed $ 18,122 on Friday and Saturday as it closed its week-long exclusive run at the IFC Center in NYC for a total of $ 52,656. Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s film plans to move from city to city indefinitely for weekly engagements in individual cinemas.

Image on the theme of Bollywood cricket 83 of Reliance Film reported an estimated $ 660,253 on 419 screens for the second week, for a total of $ 3.5 million.

A24’s Red missile In the fourth week, $ 106,184 was played on 385 screens, which corresponds to sales of $ 709,460. The distribution partner’s C’mon C’mon took $ 12,309 on 26 screens in the seventh week, costing $ 1.85 million.

In week six, Sideshow and Janus Films’ Drive my car grossed an estimated $ 21,300 across 16 screens for a PSA of $ 1,331 and a new cume of $ 324,523. It will start expanding again on January 7th with 20 new cities and will be rolled out exclusively in cinemas until February, with over 70 new screenings planned.

Streaming services don’t report gross earnings, but below are a handful of estimates from industry sources. (Gross and theater numbers are estimates only.)

Apple / A24: The tragedy of Macbeth: Expanded to about 100 locations (+80 from last week) for a weekend gross of about $ 65,000 ($ 650 PSA) and total revenues in the range of $ 250,000. On Apple TV + January 14th.

Amazon: The tender bar: Looks like about 65 locations with an estimated weekend of approximately $ 15,000 ($ 230 PSA) and total sales in the range of $ 70,000. On Amazon Prime January 7th.

Netflix: The prodigal daughter: In approximately 10 locations with an estimated $ 3,000 weekend weekend and a gross total of $ 65,000.

Amazon: The Ricardos will: Looking at a $ 4.5K weekend on about ten screens, on the way to a $ 705,000 kume.

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