Denver Broncos vs. Los Angeles Chargers – Week 17 Live Updates

Last week, the loser in the Denver Broncos game would take over the basement of AFC West. Well, Denver lost and they are in last place now. However, like last week, the loser of this game will regain control of the basement of AFC West.

In-game updates

Game preview

The key to this game is also the same as it was last week. Carry out the ball effectively. Somehow a pitiful defense by the Las Vegas Raiders brought a pretty good attack from Denver to a complete standstill. If they get the running game going and Drew Lock takes care of the soccer like last week, then that’s a winning formula.

In our Game Info post, I talked a bit about how well the Broncos have handled the Chargers over the past few years. They have won five of their last six games against Los Angeles, so I would be delighted if this trend continues here this week.

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Broncos Chargers Live Updates

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