Construction workers in ditch near Sun Valley Home – NBC Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Fire Department successfully rescued two construction workers trapped in a ditch in the San Fernando Valley and provided medical care before the two men were transported to a local hospital.

The two men were working on an “unspecified ditch project” near a home in Sun Valley on N. El Dorado Ave. on Saturday morning when the ditch wall gave way, according to the LAFD.

The “makeshift sheeting” of the four-foot-deep ditch wall collapsed on the two construction workers, sending earth and a concrete slab from a nearby sidewalk at the two men, the LAFD said.

The piece of concrete came from a sidewalk on private property, according to LAFD.

One of the men managed to extricate himself from the collapsed trench before LAFD arrived, although he was injured. Paramedics evaluated the man around 10:30 a.m. Saturday before taking him to a local trauma center for “non-life-threatening leg injuries,” the LAFD said.

The other man, who LAFD said is conscious and alert, was still stuck in the ditch when first responders arrived. These first responders stabilized the trench and pulled the man out from under the earth and concrete slab, which trapped his legs, an operation that took 77 minutes.

He was treated at the scene for his leg injuries and was also taken to a regional trauma center.

A third person, whose age, gender and relationship to the incident are unknown, reported to the scene complaining of back pain, LAFD said. They were also taken to a nearby hospital for clinical care.

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