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Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Los Angeles / Sherman Oaks is debuting its second version following a redesign of Studio HBA, an emerging brand within global hospitality design firm Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA). Nine miles from Universal Studios Hollywood, Warner Bros. Studios and Burbank Studios in an urban area of ​​the San Fernando Valley, this 96-room hotel caters to the creative class and the avid entertainment business traveler.

The interiors of the Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Los Angeles / Sherman Oaks are designed in the boutique hotel tradition and reflect a playful interpretation of Southern California culture. Contemporary allusions to the film history and present of the Valley, together with the past citrus groves of the region and the proverbial indoor and outdoor lifestyle, are cleverly woven into a coherent visual vocabulary in guest rooms, suites, public areas and corridors.

“Our design is a playful take on the rich history of the San Fernando Valley and the relaxed indoor-outdoor lifestyle that is typical of Southern California,” said Alisa Chodos, Principal of Studio HBA. “The design is also an homage to the film history of the Valley, which continues to this day.”

Arrival sets the tone for the guest experience inside. Behind the reception there is a room-high mural made of orange tree branches and oranges, which serves as an eye-catcher and a refreshing reception. A nifty patchwork of wood planks and surfaces reminiscent of citrus boxes draws your gaze up to the high ceilings, while a 12-foot apartment draws your gaze upward. The preserved orange tree proudly anchors the center of the lobby, an endearing homage to the 15,000 hectare citrus groves that once covered the valley.

Sociable, intimate and larger seating areas offer comfort and flexibility for working, cappuccino and chatting. The light-like floor lamps by Klieg give the room cinematic energy. Ceramics, accessories and decorative elements are based on cameras, camera equipment and agricultural implements. By changing the scale and raising objects of daily use that are framed as works of art, the ordinary becomes the extraordinary.

“The Hampton Inn Los Angeles / Sherman Oaks is a modern, stylish little gem designed with comfort and flexibility in mind to allow guests and team members of the hotel to make meaningful connections and lasting impressions,” said Chodos.

The design narrative unfolds upon entering the guest room elevator lobbies, where eye-catching black and white tile floors define the exuberant plot, and specially printed photos of antique orange groves on the elevator lobby consoles create a spirited element of surprise. When traveling through the guest room corridors, a large-format night landscape of the San Fernando Valley covers the walls and makes a sensational statement.

As an extension of the public space design, the guest rooms are spacious and are reminiscent of sunny Southern California in color palette, posture and overall design. A collage of hand-picked vintage postcards from happy travelers, which are pinned to a cork board, form the artwork of the guest room as well as a handmade film camera with wire frame, all of which are fondly reminiscent of days gone by.

Meeting facilities include a large meeting room that opens onto an outdoor terrace – an ambitious conversion of the former indoor pool – that can be used for business or social gatherings. Other public spaces remodeled by Studio HBA are the business center and dining area.

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