CBD restaurant is coming to Santa Monica

Chef Chris Sayegh masters the Pico Boulevard restaurant

From Dolores Quintana

A CBD bar and restaurant will be built on Pico Boulevard in Santa Monica.

Chef Chris Sayegh, the owner of the culinary platform The Herbal Chef, which “first creates fascinating and delicious food and then infuses it with cannabis” will open a bar called Nostalgia at 1326 Pico Blvd, which will be converted into a full-fledged restaurant in January 2022 reported by What Now Los Angeles.

In keeping with the nostalgia theme, the bar serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks enriched with CBD as well as food from the 1970s to 2000s. CBD-soaked beverages have been legal again since Bill 45 was passed in October that made these beverages legal again in the state.

Once fully open, the restaurant will operate a seasonal menu that includes drinks like boozy Otter Pops and Capri Suns, as well as lobster rolls with caviar and Branzino fish and chips according to What Now Los Angeles. None of the foods are infused with CBD, but Chef Sayegh will be hosting private dinners for $ 295 each for guests who want to be pampered.

Sayegh gained experience in many different kitchens before starting The Herbal Chef.

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