California voters are already having trouble voting on the recall election

Some California voters who show up in person to vote find that they have already voted. They just didn’t.

KTLA reported on Saturday:

Some San Fernando Valley voters believe they are unfairly prevented from casting a vote in the upcoming gubernatorial election.

At El Camino Real Charter High School in Woodland Hills, some voters said they were told the computers had indicated they had already voted when they had not.

West Hills, 88-year-old Estelle Bender said she was nowhere near the only person who was falsely told that she had already voted.

Along with friends of hers who witnessed the problem and two other women outside the polling station, Bender said that “the man next to me argued the same”.

It’s déjà vu again.

“Thousands of voters in the June 7, 2016 California primaries showed up at polling stations across the state to find their political party registrations changed or dropped … but only after they received official ballots stating their party registration in the mail “, I reported in January 2017.” This could only have been done within the Foreign Minister’s VoteCal system. “

Thousands of Republican and Democratic voters reported to the Election Integrity Project that they were on the 7th. Most reported that they were re-registered with No Party Preference, the California version of Decline to State. Others said their registrations were dropped or they received the wrong ballot, which in many cases prevented them from voting for the president in the primaries. “

“Linda Paine of the Election Integrity Project said she noticed a pattern in several Southern California counties during Election Day. However, when the polling stations closed, Paine said they were contacted by large numbers of voters across the state who were upset that their party affiliation had been changed and had to vote on a temporary ballot.

As Paine of the EIPCa explained, the many failures of the California electoral system allowed it to offer a unique perspective on what happens without critical safeguards such as the chain of holding ballots as well as oversight through careful elections.

The Los Angeles County’s electoral roll issued a press release on Sept. 11, announcing that “253 voting centers are open and available for voting in the California Board of Governors election.” In the same statement, however, Election Officer Dean Logan said, “The safest way to vote in this election is to return the ballot by post (no postage required) or to return the ballot to a participating ballot box or polling center.”

KTLA reported that the Los Angeles County’s Registrar Recorder Office said in a statement that preliminary ballots were a “fail-safe option” to ensure everyone’s votes are counted.

Larry Elder has an electoral integrity link on his campaign website at, where voters can fill out and submit a petition calling for a special session of the California legislature to investigate the results of that Governor Gavin Newsom’s 2021 recall election.

A new ad from Ric Grenell’s “Fix California” explores the reality of electoral fraud. They ask Californians to go Share examples of election fraud.

In July, Fix California reported that mass irregularities in California’s registration and voting numbers continue to undermine voter confidence. Because of this, Grenell and his team at Fix California launched a statewide legal survey that analyzed the current status of electoral rolls across the state. They said they were ready to file lawsuits against districts.

Some California counties have a surprisingly high number of unauthorized registrants:

Sacramento County: 36,737, Orange County: 92,014, San Diego County: 247,671, Los Angeles County: 1,138,910, even the tiny Alpine County of 924 eligible citizens has 85 unauthorized registrants.

Both Elder and Grenell are asking California voters to be vigilant as they vote out their removal, and for good reason. Given what I reported in 2016 that voter party registrations changed and voters were given a preliminary ballot, and the KTLA’s report on voters over the weekend that they were told that the computers said they were already Having voted and also received a preliminary ballot, something is not right. These irregularities, along with the Election Integrity Project® California report finding that the California elections will be held on Sept.

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