Bethany Mota lists LA House – DIRT

When young YouTube sensations and social media stars start raking in heaps of cash, some are quickly injecting very grown-up amounts of their newfound wealth into extravagant homes.

As an 18-year-old named Time Magazine’s 25 Most Influential People on the Internet in 2019, YouTube prodigy Emma Chamberlain spent $ 3.9 million on a glass contemporary in West Hollywood in 2020 – she’s already on 4 , $ 3 million upgraded in Beverly Hills, and just before he was raked over the fiery bucks for sexting with underage boys, 20-year-old internet-based beauty guru James Charles made a staggering $ 7 million for a 10,000-square-foot mansion in Encino .

Four years ago, Bethany Mota, then 22, made her teenage fame and fortune, a humble and sensible man, from 2009 with her insanely popular “Haul” videos showing various recently purchased makeup and clothing items While hardly cheap, bought a $ 2.2 million home in LA’s Studio City. Back then, she could probably have bought a much more expensive house.

In its heady heyday, roughly 2009-2017, Mota posted tons of videos and consistently received millions of views, some over 20 million. But fame is fickle, kids. Although she still has nearly 10 million YouTube subscribers and 4.7 Instagram followers, it appears that much of the heady helium has flowed out of her balloon. These days, Mota’s infrequently posted videos rarely have more than a few hundred thousand views, and her latest 12-minute thing, posted about a month ago about what happened when she drank a gallon of water every day for a week, racked up 273,000 Calls.

Now that her once stratospheric social media star is on the decline, Mota packed, moved out, and launched her Studio City home base for just under $ 2.9 million. The property is listed with Zach Goldsmith and Jen Baker of Hilton & Hyland.

Just a few blocks from Tujunga Village, a block of charming mom and pop shops and restaurants, the five-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom home was built in 2015 on nearly 3,900 square feet. Well-equipped with high-end amenities like a home automation system, security cameras, and LED lighting, the humble two-story home is a well-appointed, albeit generic, take on the traditional, modern farmhouse style that has become almost ridiculous over the past decade across the San Fernando Valley ubiquitous.

Just beyond the front door, the adjoining formal living and dining room, the former with a fireplace, offer bespoke coffered ceiling treatments, while the great space, which includes a high-end kitchen, breakfast bay, and family room with a fireplace, opens onto the back yard. The main office on the ground floor includes an air-conditioned wine cabinet, and the two-car garage has laminate floors and mirrored walls. Three guest bedrooms on the second floor are all en-suite, and the master bedroom has a fireplace, two walk-in closets, and a marble bath with a claw-foot tub.

The back yard isn’t that big, but it’s surrounded by a tall, fenced-in hedge for maximum privacy. Around a small, flat lawn there is a built-in barbecue station, a swimming pool and an open-air pavilion.

It’s not clear whether Mota will return to her hometown of Modesto, California, whether she will stay in Los Angeles, or travel to unknown parts. Anyway, she and her financial advisor are probably feeling pretty good about their prospects of making a nice profit.

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