Arizona Diamondbacks 3, Los Angeles Dodgers 5: Baseball was played

You must forgive me. I’m two days away from my wedding. The last alcohol and family stress reliever took place in a sports bar tonight. Aside from a few brief moments, I have no idea what happened in the game tonight. I guess this requires a beer mat? Is this how these things work?

Beer # 1: 25 ounces. Special model

I honestly cannot write a high quality recap of this game tonight. The wedding is in the foreground for me. Edbigghead and Turambar will both be there as groomsmen. I couldn’t ask for a better pair of friends for the two of whom I got to know through this community. You are two of the best people I got to call my friends and I am grateful that they will be there on my big day.

Merrill Kelly made his first start in over a month tonight after being removed from the COVID_19 injured list. What was its mechanics like? I have absolutely no idea. He went four and two-thirds innings and gave up ten hits and two walks, so I’m assuming it’s not that great. Los Angeles had to work against him in the second round with four straight basers to score the first run of the game.

Beer # 2: 25 ounces. Special model

The Brute Squad knows I have this strange suspicion of drinking certain beers when the D’backs are playing against a certain team. No Coors against the Rockies. No Miller against the Brewers. No model against the padres. I realized that no particular beer is forbidden against the Dodgers tonight. Maybe Corona? As it is, I hardly drink it anymore …

Henry Ramos was the only notable player I noticed in my lack of attention for this game. His two big moments tonight, both on the plate and in the field, came in the fourth inning. Ramos scored a two-out single from Julio Urias with the runners in third and second to put Arizona in the lead with two runs.

Los Angeles countered in the lower half of fourth with a Justin Turner single and Will Smith double to start the inning. Both were brought into play with a groundout from Cody Bellinger and a single from Gavin Lux, giving the Dodgers a 3-to-2 lead. Mookie Betts laced a two out liner for Henry Ramos in left field. Ramos made an impressive highlight reel catch, chasing the ball on the warning lane, crashing into the wall while holding the ball in his glove for the final out of the inning.

“He was a one-man Roberto Clemente on Roberto Clemente Night.”

One more look at that insane catch from Henry Ramos wearing # 21 tonight.

– Bally Sports Arizona (@BALLYSPORTSAZ) September 16, 2021

Beer # 3: 12 ounces. Special model

Instead of doing a mother and son dance at the reception, my mother is given an open microphone to roast me and my bride freely for 5-10 minutes. At this point of the night she’s a few titos & lemonade deep, soaking wet, just thinking about the mess she’s going to wreak on Friday. It was my idea to let them do the roast instead of a dance. She had me when she was young, so our relationship is closer to two best friends than a traditional mother-son relationship. She will have a great time breaking balls in front of an audience.

Merrill Kelly was chased out of that game after a solo home run by Max Muncy and two out singles by Turner and Smith. Sean Poppen is relieved to have the bases loaded. Christian Walker made it to a one-run game with his eighth home run of the season in the top of the 6th. That came from the assistant Phil Bickford, whom you couldn’t convince me that he wasn’t a dealership owner with a name like that.

Beer # 4: 12 ounces. Special model

That is the scope of this summary for me. Add your own taste and comment in the comment section. Wish me luck on my walk down the aisle. Hopefully my beautiful bride will not come to her senses and leave me before this blissful moment in front of our family and friends.

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