Add Your Wish to a Cherry Blossom Tree in Santa Monica – NBC Los Angeles

what to know

  • Santa Monica Place, Center Plaza, Level 1
  • Feb. 1 through 8, 2022
  • Free to visit; red envelopes featuring deals and craft kits for kids are also available at the shopping center

Tracing a blossom to a leaf, then to a twig, then to a branch, then to a tree’s trunk, and finlly to the roots?

It’s possible, with time and patience, to follow the lines of a lovely and leafy tree, finding all of the places where its various elements meet in visual harmony and serene splendor.

Likewise, you can find lasting and strong connections by tracing the lines of a wishing tree.

If this is your aim, you won’t need to find all of the woodsy spots where a branch connects to a trunk. Rather, you’ll want to ponder how the wishes tied to a tree’s twigs connect us to each other, to larger ideals, and to the general betterment of the world that we share.

Adding a heartfelt hope to a wishing tree is a wonderful way to start the Lunar New Year, and visitors to Santa Monica Place will do just that, beginning on Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2022.

For the beautiful wishing trees, which brim with blossom-y character and written wishes, will grace Level 1 of the shopping destination’s Center Plaza from Feb. 1 through 8, 2022.

Contributing a wish, whether it is for yourself, a loved one, or the whole planet, is free to do, and visitors are encouraged to contribute, for each new hope adds another aspirational and ethereal layer to the holiday display.

While the wishing trees serve as a spirited centerpiece to Santa Monica Place’s Lunar New Year decorations, there are other signs of the auspicious occasion, including craft kits created for kids, fortune cookies, and red envelopes.

The envelopes contain deals highlighting a number of Santa Monica Place businesses, including a discount to the Princess Diana exhibition. The Gourmandise School will also offer 15% off a cooking class.

You can peruse more deals and discounts here, and begin to ponder what wish you’ll place on these lovely Lunar New Year trees, stately symbols of sweetness, anticipation, and community connection.

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