A Community Planting Day Event Held in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Clarins, in partnership with The Malibu Foundation and the National Park Service, joined forces again for the third annual community Replant Love event at iconic Paramount Ranch. The mission: to advance biodiversity by replanting more than 8,000 native trees and plants lost in the Woosley Fire in 2018 on the weekend of the event—for a total of 21,000+ plants in the ground since the inaugural Replant Love event in 2019. This beats the records for the most trees and plants planted in a single day in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, the record currently held by Replant Love 2021.

Supported by community and global leaders representing various industries—including Orlando Bloom, Josh Brolin, Evelin Weber, Melissa Reidhead, Lucas Petry, Rachel Roberts, Erin Murphy, Linda Thompson, Talia Jackson, Emma Kenney, and Blake Gray. Malibu native lifestyle brand, Malibu Sports Club, supplied the Replant Love 2022 shirts and hats, and founders Isela and Valeria Noire also showed up to plant trees. Boxed Water and Jennifer’s Paletas kept volunteers hydrated and refreshed. Local food trucks, Tres Compas and Kalamaki, prepared meals for all volunteers and staff. Replant Love 2022 was produced by Eventors, and the National Park Service provided onsite support to educate proper planting to all volunteers to ensure a high plant survival rate. Evelyn Weber, chair of the Malibu Foundation, said, “A great impact can be made by a holistic approach of private corporations, public institutions, and government coming together for a common cause.”

Following the Woolsey Fire, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area (SMMNRA) became overrun with over 300 non-native, highly flammable, invasive plant species that are pushing out native vegetation. With the help of park staff and volunteers, an effort is being made to combat their spread to help prevent future fires and preserve the fragile ecosystem in the Malibu region.

Clarins—a brand that has been rooted in nature for more than 65 years—shares the same environmental values ​​with the Malibu Foundation, to preserve and protect biodiversity. In addition to planting trees and shrubs, volunteers at Replant Love spread sunflower seeds—a key ingredient in several Clarins skincare products, and a plant native to SMMNRA.

Paramount Ranch is an integral part of Hollywood’s history, and an iconic backdrop for decades of film production, generating hundreds of TV shows and commercials. After purchasing a portion of the original Paramount property in 1980, the National Park Service revitalized the movie ranch. Television productions at Paramount include The Mentalist, episodes of the X-Files, Hulu’s Quickdraw, and most of HBO’s hit series Westworld.

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