9/11 ceremony in the city center

Santa Monica will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks with an extended, but still brief, downtown ceremony this Saturday.

The city’s police and fire brigade traditionally marked the day with short services at the police station and the neighborhood fire brigades, which included a minute’s silence, the lowering of the flag and a radio call. At the next station, small groups of neighbors have often gathered to watch the day.

However, this year’s event has been expanded and formalized in recognition of the 20th anniversary.

Residents are invited to attend at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 11th at Fire Station 1, 1337 7th Street.

The ceremony begins with an honor guard presentation of the colors, followed by remarks from interim fire brigade chief Wolfgang Knabe, remarks from the police, a statement from Mayor Sue Himmelrich, a prayer / minute’s silence from the chaplain of the Santa Monica fire department and a brief history of the ringing of the bells of the weapons present by the SMFD honor guard commander.

The event should last about 30 minutes.

The brief and solemn memorial ceremony is in line with the International Association of Fire Chief’s recommended protocols for the day, and while the public is invited to attend, they can also watch the Santa Monica Fire Department live stream (www.facebook.com / santamonicafd, www.facebook / santamonicapd) and the City ‘of Santa Monica Facebook accounts (www.facebook.com/cityofsantamonica).

Chief Knabe said his remarks will focus on the role of firefighters in the community and the links between different groups.

“You know, I think it puts everything in perspective for first responders because every day and every moment you can react to something that you don’t know is going to happen,” he said. “And you do that every day, you come to work and you are there for the community, no matter how high the risk is. And this very day brings it all together because not only the fire department, but also the police and other public institutions were killed, and then all the people in both towers who died and the fact that the plane was in the Pentagon and everywhere crashed. “

Lieutenant Rudy Flores said some SMPD workers will gather outside the public safety facility at 4 a.m. on September 11 for a morning 5 km run that ends under Santa Monica Pier. Officials will also attend the 8am ceremony.

“To always remember the tragic events and to show awe for all the people who were lost on 09/11/2001. A reminder that in the face of such pain and adversity, courageous acts of heroism and perseverance came about, ”he said. “To honor the continued recovery, healing and resilience of survivors, family members and loved ones. 9/11 motivated many to join the police and fire departments, and even 20 years later, it continues to be a driving force for many civil servants entering the profession. We will never forget. “

The ceremony will follow the LA County Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 protocols and residents will be asked to stay home if they have been exposed to or have symptoms of COVID-19. Unvaccinated individuals are strongly advised to wear a mask during the event. All persons must wear a mask indoors.

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