Yucaipa woman pleads guilty to guitar theft in Irvine – NBC Los Angeles

A Yucaipa woman pleaded guilty Friday for her involvement in stealing nearly two dozen expensive guitars from a warehouse in Irvine and was immediately sentenced to 80 hours of community service.

The 21 guitars, valued at a total of $ 50,000, were stolen from Extra Space Storage on Laguna Canyon Road on October 3, 2018. Irvine police said detectives found one of the stolen guitars for sale online and arranged a meeting.

The investigator met with the vendors at the Ontario Mills mall, where they were arrested, police said. In the couple’s vehicle, investigators found three of the stolen guitars.

The police also have surveillance videos from the camp showing the suspects taking the guitars.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s investigators found 11 more of the stolen guitars while executing a warrant on an unrelated case, Irvine police said.

Brittney Christine Patterson, 30, pleaded guilty to serious theft. As part of their appeal agreement, the counts of burglary and receipt of stolen property, both crimes, were dropped along with an administrative offense of possession of burglar tools. It is set for an informal probation period of one year.

Patterson was sentenced to eight days in prison but served behind bars for that time. According to court records, she can avoid spending 52 more days behind bars after completing her community service.

Derek Allen Dodds, 37, pleaded guilty on February 6, 2019 of a serious theft and misdemeanor for possession of tools and equipment. Individual cases of burglary and theft of stolen property were rejected in the course of the plea.

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