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Q. Hello Hongk: At the interchanges I-210 and I-5 there are by-pass roads for trucks in both directions. Is it legal for a car to use a bypass? We see a lot of cars using them, especially because that link congests traffic. However, there is no sign that the car is okay. I travel a lot to Bakersfield and use this route. I am happy about any information you can give me.

– Patti Faiman, Corona

NS. Yes, you can pass Sylmer in the San Fernando Valley via Patty and Truck Bypass.

Cars and light trucks can use them there, and in that particular place a large team with a trailer or any other must take these bypasses to pull the trailer.

Truck avoidance is often a low hill route and easy on large oil rigs. The aim is to support the overall flow of traffic by moving slow, clumsy trucks in critical areas out of the way of the rest of the traffic.

Josh GreengardFor them, a California Highway Patrol officer and a spokesman for Newhall headquarters said those special truck lanes were long while patrolling the area, allowing truck drivers to join general traffic downhill. Say it’ll be easier.

“If you bypass it, you can get a ticket,” he said.

There is another truck bypass at the El Toro Y interchange in southern Orange County. Rafael Reynoso placeholder imageA California Highway Patrol officer and a spokesman for the San Juan Capistrano office says anyone can handle it.

NS. Some time ago, the Orange County Register reported that the governor proposed huge spending as the state surplus swelled with increasing tax revenues, along with the federal stimulus dollar. Last Friday we passed the Costa Mesa Automobile Office. It was a typical sight: dilapidated property and many people standing outside, apparently waiting to enter. The DMV on Santa Anna’s First Street is always a sight. And every time I ask why there is a long line, I am told, “Our computers are outdated and understaffed.” Is it true? If so, why is this substantial surplus not being used to modernize DMVs and improve staffing levels? You cannot say, “I have no money!”

– Catherine Kate, Irvine

NS. Two of the biggest mysteries in the world are how quickly Hongk’s money pops out of his wallet during the holidays and that government agencies seem to have the same fundraising problem.

In other words, Hongk doesn’t know how useful this is …

The DMV’s annual financial budget was recently set at $ 1,588 million. That’s a $ 208 million increase, even during a pandemic.

“DMV is using these increased funds to meet Real ID’s requirements by May 2023 enforcement date, continue its modernization efforts and improve the customer experience.” Anita GoreThis was announced by a DMV spokeswoman in Hongk in an email.

“In addition, DMV received $ 88.4 million for projects to replace or renovate certain DMV branch offices.”

The DMV will hire a temporary position of 1,300 people in order to receive a real ID, a process that puts a heavy burden on the branch office.

In addition, Gore said, “digital platforms have been updated and online services improved” so that it takes less time to actually convert the same number of driver’s licenses and IDs into real IDs.

(All of this should be noted that Real ID is a federal program backed by our love of jumping on airplanes, but much of the work for it is done by state employees. It is placed behind the employees.)

Catherine, the future of DMVs seems brighter.

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