World Cup Calls for Shouts and Hollers — The

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 continues to stoke an array of emotions from fans watching the Qatar games from around Los Angeles.

Fans take to public settings like local bars to share in the spectacle by shouting for and against referee calls and jumping for joy at their teams’ scored goals.

On Saturday, Dec. 3, team USA fell out of the running for World Cup series contention in a match against the Netherlands. Team USA scored one goal against their opponents during the second half and lead the crowd of fans at the Santa Monica Brew Works to chant, “USA, USA, USA.”

The crowd left the bar without celebration after the team ultimately lost to the Netherlands 3-1.

Experiencing a soccer game in a public setting for the first time, Elliot Lowell chose to watch this match at Santa Monica Brew Works.

“It’s as if rehearsing a sense of proximity to my identity, pretty contextually nationalistic,” Lowell said following the game.

Team USA no longer qualifies for World Cup champion status, but supporters of the remaining qualifiers continue to watch in social settings in Los Angeles.

The quarter-final matches will be Croatia versus Brazil, Netherlands versus Argentina, England versus France, and Morocco versus Portugal. The two teams that make it to the final will compete for the title of FIFA World Cup Champion on Sunday, Dec. 18

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