Will coach Sean McVay leave the Los Angeles Rams?

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay has been getting a lot of attention recently owing to his team’s Super Bowl win, and the issue that’s been talked about is his possible early retirement from coaching to switch to a broadcasting career.

McVay has shed some light on the matter- for the moment, it’s the football field for him and not the TV screen.

McVay committed to coaching LA

The 36-year-old said he is not looking to shift to working on television and instead wants to guide the Rams to a second consecutive Lombardi trophy, according to ESPN.

The New York Post had reported that McVay was slated to meet with Amazon to discuss a broadcasting job. The company was reportedly ready to put as much as $100 million over five years on the table to entice the coach to become part of their TV team as an analyst on Thursday Night Football.

The deal comes out to $20 million a year for McVay, an amount which is a significant leap from his reported annual salary of $8.5 million with the Rams. However, the franchise has given him an incentive to stay by increasing his payout.

McVay says no to TV. He and Amazon were going to meet next week, and Amazon may have gone as high as five years and $100M, according to sources. Rams, obviously, have stepped up with a raise from his reported $8.5M. … On to the next one …. https://t.co/lcRtFjtWcr

— Andrew Marchand (@AndrewMarchand) February 26, 2022

McVay’s hints at early retirement

Before their championship game against the Cincinnati Bengals, McVay had said that he wanted to have a good work-life balancesparking speculations that he would retire early.

“I know I love football and I’m so invested in this thing and I’m in the moment right now. But at some point, too, if you said what do you want to be able to do? I want to be able to have a family and I want to be able to spend time with them,” he said.

After their Super Bowl victory, when asked if he would stay on as the Rams head coach, he answered with a cryptic “We’ll see.”

His fiancé Veronika Khomyn later categorically stated on social media that McVay was not retiring.

For now, the matter has been settled. With the coach’s recent statements, it’s become crystal clear that broadcasting will have to wait- Sean McVay will be at the helm of the Los Angeles Rams for the NFL 2022 season.

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