Where to Buy Salvage Cars in Los Angeles

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Want a salvage car in Los Angeles? Try an online auction. A salvaged car is a car that is officially declared a total loss by an insurance company. These vehicles have been damaged or wrecked in an accident or natural disaster and need intense repair. As a result salvage cars are typically sold at 20% to 40% less than their original value.

If you love fixing cars or need an economical vehicle, buying a salvaged car is a good option. ace salvage cars are not in a drivable condition and need repairs, you cannot take them for a test drive. So, you should buy a salvaged car from a reliable automobile marketplace in Los Angeles to ensure that your purchase does not turn into a money pit.

The Best Places to Buy Salvage Cars in Los Angeles

A Better Bid

A Better Bid (ABB) should be your first stop when shopping for a salvaged car. It is a reliable online auction platform that features salvaged vehicles to a global audience. It frequently organizes on-line salvage auctions across the Los Angeles area to cater to the local market.

On ABB, you can bid and buy multiple types of salvaged vehicles, such as motorcycles, SUVs, cars, trucks, RVs, boats, jet skis, and more. The platform offers over 300,000 auctioned vehicles and always holds 800+ different models in its inventory to ensure that you can buy your dream vehicle at an affordable price. Another benefit of buying from ABB is that you can complete the entire buying process from your home.

You can bid in a live auction or place a pre-bid on the already listed vehicles. The ABB bidding process is very easy to follow. You can manually place bids or use the automated bidding system to do the job.

You can quickly buy your favorite auction automobile by following these steps:

  1. Create a free account with your email address or a social account
  2. Gain buying power by placing a refundable security deposit
  3. Upload your government-issued ID
  4. Start bidding online
  5. Place the winning bet
  6. Pay the full amount of your vehicle
  7. Order shipping

Once you have completed all the steps mentioned above, ABB will deliver the car to your doorstep. A Better Bid auction service ships cars all over the USA and at every port worldwide. So, you can bid and buy a salvaged auction car even outside of Los Angeles.

Additionally, the service is a Copart-registered automobile marketplace broker, making it more dependable. Moreover, if you’re a Pro or Premium member, you can request a vehicle history report. This document covers the entire car’s history, issues, and previous repairs so that you can make informed purchase decisions.

Moreover, ABB has a vast collection of vehicles. The platform secures inventory from insurance companies, rental companies, finance companies, bank repos, and dealerships.

If you have concerns or queries, A Better Bid’s customer support is available weekly from 7 am to 6 pm EST for assistance and guidance. You can connect with the representatives through live chat, phone calls, SMS, and email (depending on your feasibility).

Membership Options

ABB offers three types of membership accounts. You can subscribe to a membership package that fits your bidding requirements and enjoy access to a dealers-only vehicle inventory. The three subscription packs are:

  • default: This membership account is free for use. You can purchase 5 vehicles and bid up to $30,000. You will have to pay a transaction fee of $299 or 5% of your purchase (whichever is greater). You can also participate in live bidding but cannot request vehicle history reports.
  • Premium: This membership account costs $199 per year. The vehicle purchase limit is 10, and you can place a bid up to $60,000. The transaction fee on each purchase is $250 or 3% of the total amount. You can participate in a live auction and access 10 vehicle history reports.
  • Per: This membership account costs $349 per year. It has no purchase and bidding limit, meaning you can buy as many vehicles as you like. The transaction fee is $199, or 1.5% of the purchase fee. You can place bids on live auctions and request 50 vehicle history reports.

Fairway Auto Auction

Fairway Auto Auction extends a diverse variety of vehicles, and you can filter them by price, condition, make, region, body style, and year, among other options. Unfortunately, the platform is a dealer-only auction, which means you cannot bid on salvage vehicles without a dealer’s license.


Hemmings is another auction that offers classic cars, sports cars, muscle cars, exotic vehicles, resto-mods, and custom vehicles. It features vehicles from popular manufacturers, including Ford, Mercedes Benz, Pontiac, and Porsche.

Speed’s Towing Auction

Speed’s Towing Auction also provides an online bidding auction. The platform also offers several types of vehicles, including trailers, cars, and boats. However, you must pay a 17% buyer’s fee and a $20 processing fee.

wrap up

Salvage cars suffer intense damage in accidents, which means they are not suitable or safe to drive on the road until fully repaired. You can buy salvage cars at cheap rates and get it fixed and evaluated to acquire a rebuilt title. Through this practice, you can purchase a vehicle and make it operational at an affordable price.

When buying a salvage car, make sure to research what it offers. A trusty auction site offers a massive vehicle inventory to choose from. It also provides Copart-registered vehicles with vehicle history reports to ensure you make an informed decision. As you can find all these features in A Better Bid, visit their site to purchase your next salvaged car.

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