West Coast Care’s successful Street & Sand approach to tackling homelessness in Santa Monica, recognized as a grassroots organization, is expanding to Pacific Palisades, Venice Beach and Marina del Rey

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA., October 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The quiet but highly impactful work of the community-based nonprofit West Coast Care to fight homelessness in Santa Monica will be held at a tribute and fundraising dinner on October 7, 2021.

West Coast Care will also detail its first major expansion Santa Monica – in Venice Beach, Pacific palisades and Marina del Rey Beach communities – at the event, which can also be seen Los Angeles District Deputy Sheriff Lt. Geoffrey Deedrick as honorary speaker. Also a singer-songwriter Katie Ferrara will premiere “Help Me Up,” a song and music video inspired by the work of West Coast Care.

A successful “Street & Sand” approach

West Coast Care’s efforts to get people off the streets have helped with that Santa Monicas homeless population at a time when the homeless population is increasing in most areas of the region – especially in the nearby beach communities.

Founded in 2006 by pastor Ron Hooks, West Coast Care uses an intensive “Street & Sand” approach to dealing with the homeless in Santa Monica, with his team that makes daily trips Santa Monicas Beaches and streets to report to the homeless community.

After a relationship is established, the group works with homeless people to create a personalized plan of action to get them off the streets with the aim of reuniting individuals with family or friends whenever possible.

“Our great weather and beaches attract large numbers of people from the city who are homeless and have no roots in the city Santa Monica or The angel“Says Pastor Ron Hooks, Founder and Managing Director of West Coast Care. “Our number one priority is bringing homeless people together with their families and close friends to rebuild their support systems and equip them to travel home.”

When reunification is not an option, West Coast Care works with local public and private agencies to help individuals secure housing and other service options. West Coast Care will continue to assist the homeless until an off-street transition strategy is found.

While West Coast Care works closely with many agencies, the group’s reunification, transition program brokerage, and gap funding have helped more than 15,000 homeless people over the past 15 years at a fraction of the cost of formal government programs.

“We’re small but powerful,” adds Hooks. “A bus ticket or a car repair can often make the difference between living and living outdoors. We help one person, one plan at a time. The strongest thing we offer is simply to say, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow.’ “

Expand to help neighboring communities

For the first time in its history, West Coast Care will adopt its successful approach to neighboring communities. The group was recently granted a charter to expand service to Venice Beach. Pacific palisades and Marina del Rey Beach communities. The group is hiring additional staff to support the wider presence and document best practices for other agencies and communities.

Pastor Hooks will provide more details on the expansion on the October 7th Event.

Honoring partners in helping the homeless

At the event also becomes a lieutenant. present Geoffrey Deedrick of the Los Angeles District Sheriff’s Homeless Outreach Services Team (HOST), who is present in the role of honorary speaker. Lt. Deedrick will share the impressive results of West Coast Care’s recent joint effort with HOST in Venice Beach.

In addition, West Coast Care presents the West Coast Care Community Service Award 2021 Brian Ulf, President of SHARE, the temporary housing, self-help and recreation exchange.

Action-inspired art

The angel Singer-songwriter Katie Ferrara at the event will premiere “Help Me Up,” a song and accompanying music video inspired by the work of West Coast Care. Ferrara will perform the song live and have live musical entertainment throughout the evening.

Ferrara has been involved in philanthropic endeavors extensively The second-based technology company Internet Brands, which sponsors the event and has worked as a philanthropic partner with West Coast Care since 2018. Ferrara co-wrote “Help Me Up” with Internet Brands CEO Bob Brisco, a longtime supporter of West Coast Care.

“West Coast Care is a small team with no head office or warehouse because they succeed in day-to-day connections, boots on the beach,” said Ferrara.

Provides additional entertainment Las Vegas Magicians and mind readers Simon Winthrop.

Participation and help

Limited event tickets can be purchased at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/power-of-partnership-tickets-166125262131.

For more information about West Coast Care, visit westcoastcare.org and donations can be made at https://westcoastcare.org/donate/. Please ask about the WCC’s Matching Grant Challenge. To subscribe to the newsletter for updates on the work of West Coast Care, visit https://westcoastcare.org/contact-us/.

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