Weekday adventurer, the Peltzer Pumpkin Pass is here – NBC Los Angeles

What you should know

  • The cellars of the Peltzer family in Temecula; the patch is open until Sunday October 31st
  • A pumpkin pass, which a family of up to five people can use on weekdays, is available
  • $ 50

NOT EVERY MONTH … gets an “extra” weekend, but when a fifth weekend falls in a particularly festive period, the kind of track that is decked out with festivals and special events, you can feel some magic in the air. And that’s the case in October 2021, which is going to get a full “bonus weekend” that gives families looking for fall and / or Halloween night out the chance to see and do a little bit more. But what if you prefer to seek out festive squash moments on weekdays that tend to be a little more chilled out in California’s famous pumpkin fields? Lots of pumpkin-filled places greet visitors when the hustle and bustle of Saturday and Sunday is over. And one of those fall fun spots, Peltzer Farms, happens to have something cheerful in store for those who stop by Monday through Friday. It is that…

PELTZER PUMPKIN PASS, which gives a family of up to five people (all from the same household) access to the scenic Temecula patch on weekdays, all year round. It costs $ 50 and also includes visits to the petting zoo (because interacting with a living being feels like an important fall pastime). Even if you decide against a weekday pass, there is a lot going on in the winery, with pumpkin painting events, October evenings in the Crush House (for guests aged 21 and over) and a Hello Wine Party on Saturday, October 30th (yes, that’s also for the adults). Now visit the Peltzer Farms website for everything that’s going on from kid-friendly chores to activities for the adults.

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