Waitress dishes on the best and worst of “rude” celebrity customers

This Los Angeles waitress serves up some hot and spicy celebrity secrets.

Veteran server Annie Bond went to TikTok to rate the A-listers she met at work – from the “extremely nice” Lady Gaga to the “rude” Judd Apatow.

Bond posted her video to the social media app earlier this year, but the clip goes viral again and has more than 2.7 million views.

The waiter did not reveal which LA restaurant she worked at, but said she had been at this particular eatery for five years and had been waiting for her to get a fair share of superstars.

Bond said she was unimpressed by Knocked Up director Judd Apatow and longtime wife, This is 40 actress Leslie Mann, and rated their experience with them an unsavory 1/10.

“I wanted so badly to like you, but you were so rude,” said Bond. “Maybe they just had a bad day …”

The waitress was much friendlier to Oscar nominees Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, who were having dinner with their two daughters in the restaurant.

“So casual, so gorgeous, so polite,” cooed Bond. “I would love to be in your marriage. 11/10. “

She also praised “House Bunny” and “Mom” the funny Lady Anna Faris, whom she described as one of the “kindest, most wonderful people in the world”.

“Casual and Polite”: Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling received rave reviews from Bond.Getty Images

However, Bond gave her most ardent review to the “goddess” Lady Gaga, rating her experience with the pop star a “5 million out of 10”.

“She remembered all the names, she’s very nice,” claimed Bond. It appeared that the belt woman “Bad Romance” was a frequent visitor to the restaurant and the waiter said she “always looked immaculate”.

Bond later recorded two follow-up videos after commentators asked them to rate more of their celebrity encounters.

Bond said she loved her serving experience Bond said she loved her experience with “Mom” star Anna Faris.Getty Images

She claimed that Keanu Reeves was “humble” and “left a good tip” while Drew Barrymore was “a ray of sunshine.”

Bond gave both Drake (who was “okay”) and TV super producer “American Horror Story” Ryan Murphy, whom she described as “super intimidating”, a 6/10 rating – but a “great tip”.

Several viewers went to the comment section and said they had interactions with the selected celebrities as well.

A number of commentators claimed they had pleasant encounters with Lady Gaga, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. One production assistant also said she worked with Anna Faris and that she thinks she is “great”.

Meanwhile, some commentators disagreed with Bond’s criticism of Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann, saying they had only positive experiences with the power couple.

“I helped Leslie Mann while I was working at Barney’s in Santa Monica – she was with her daughter and she was so nice! Hopefully just a bad day for you! ”Said one.

Another added, “I’ve delivered food to Leslie and Judd many times and they have been VERY nice.”

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