VinFast brings “The Future of Mobility” to the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021

After its world premiere, VinFast presented its “Future of Mobility” concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021.

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“The Future of Mobility” comes from VinFast’s vision of “driving the movement of the global Smart EV revolution”. VinFast is fully committed to a more sustainable future of transportation that enables people to enjoy smart, safe, exciting and environmentally friendly mobility. VinFast also relies on “technologies for life” that serve the daily life of customers and inspire them.

The concept “The Future of Mobility” is reflected in every detail of the VinFast stand. The 8,500-square-foot exhibition booth uses streamlined, modern, and futuristic designs while appealing to the crowd with energetic white and blue accents. The brand colors of VinFast are reminiscent of a powerful “blue electric spark” that drives the evolution of mobility forward endlessly.

The heart of VinFast’s “Future of Mobility” at this year’s LA Auto Show are the two electric SUV models VF e35 and VF e36. The VinFast design team and the world-famous Pininfarina design studio use a modern design language that combines graceful curves and strong, bold embellishments while harmonizing with sharp, clear lines in an impressive, eye-catching style. These seductive combinations create the “Dynamic Balance” design, which gives the design strength and forward movement. In addition, the interiors have been designed with comfort, luxury and seamless driving experiences in mind.

In its efforts to build the “future of mobility”, VinFast also aims to introduce smart technologies that can inspire consumers to switch to electric vehicles. At the LA Auto Show 2021, viewers will get a glimpse into some of these technologies, including Smart Security, VinAI’s traffic and driver monitoring system from VinFast and Routix, our AI-powered advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and autonomous drive verification services developed by Vantix. This intelligent technology can actively detect errors in the shortest possible time with incredible accuracy.

According to Michael Lohscheller, the Global CEO of VinFast, “VinFast believes in ‘The Future of Mobility’, a future in which intelligent vehicles are highly personalized ‘technologies for life’ that combine environmental friendliness with maximum safety and outstanding driving experiences. “He continued,” The LA Auto Show is one of the most influential auto shows in the world. It is also known as a pioneer in supporting the adoption and education of EV consumers. Therefore, VinFast sees the show as the perfect stage to demonstrate its commitment to promoting the global trend of green transportation; and promoting electrification. “

To achieve this ambitious goal, VinFast is the EV brand that offers more EV possibilities with more models in multiple market segments while offering affordable prices, excellent after-sales services and dedicated customer support with a 10-year warranty, encourages consumers to switch to EVs.

According to mrs Lisa Kaz, President and CEO of the LA Auto Show: “Electrification is the greatest transformation the auto show industry has seen in the last 100 years. The LA Auto Show is pleased to welcome EV automakers to our show, including VinFast, where our visitors can discover Vietnam first automaker and its brand new EVs. VinFast presents an inspiring vision of the future of mobility around electrification and we look forward to keeping a close eye on your journey and welcoming you back to the 2022 LA Auto Show. “

The VinFast EV Global Premiere press conference will take place on November 17, 2021, at 3:30 p.m. (PST). It is broadcast worldwide via VinFast’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

The exhibition opens to visitors 19.-28. November 2021. For more information, please visit:

About the Los Angeles Auto Show (LA Auto Show®)

Established in 1907, the Los Angeles Auto Show (LA Auto Show®) is the first major North American auto show of the season each year and is widely recognized as one of the most influential shows in the world. The show reflects their location and celebrates the love affair Angelenos has with their cars and provides a global platform for industry technology and innovation, synonymous with California. The show runs for 10 full days over the Thanksgiving period and is a must-see for many industry influencers, auto enthusiasts, and families looking to get a day out over the Christmas season. Annually at the The angel Convention Center, the LA Auto Show, contributes hundreds of millions of dollars to the local economy, stimulates the local job market, and is the main revenue generator for the LA Convention Center.

In 2021, the AutoMobility LA® media and industry days will take place on 17.-18. November and will feature a series of landmark industry announcements and revelations. The doors open to the public 19.-28. November.

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About Vingroup

Vingroup was founded in 1993 and is the largest private conglomerate in Asia, with a total capitalization of $ 34.9 billion of three listed companies (as of November 3, 2021). Vingroup currently focuses on three main areas: technology, industry and services. Find out more at:

A member of Vingroup – the leading private multi-industry group in Vietnam, VinFast is a global smart electric vehicle brand that is driving the movement of the global smart electric vehicle revolution. Founded in 2017, VinFast owns a state-of-the-art automotive manufacturing complex with world-leading scalability that includes up to 90% automation in. offers Haiphong City, Vietnam.

VinFast has announced three electric car models as well as the exceptional battery leasing contracts and the 10-year warranty contracts. away July 2021, VinFast expanded into the North American and European markets. Two of VinFast’s smart electric SUV models – the VF e35 and VF e36 – are expected to launch in global markets in early 2022. For more information, please visit:

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