Video captures grandfather assaulted by suspects in Los Angeles County

Authorities are searching for three young suspects who were caught on camera assaulting a grandfather in Los Angeles County.

The victim, Bill Weatherman, 72, sustained multiple injuries after the attack, including two broken ribs, a severely bruised arm and more.

“My ribs hurt,” Weatherman tells KTLA’s Chris Wolfe. “It’s difficult to breathe.”

A neighbor’s security camera captured the brutal attack on Nov. 29, when Weathermen was cornered and assaulted by the suspects in front of his daughter’s home in Saugus.

The suspects appear to involve a young female driver and two male passengers.

Weatherman said he had a verbal dispute with the female driver after a near-accident by the neighborhood’s front gates. He followed the suspects’ car and exchanged words with them, telling them to slow down as the neighborhood was filled with children on the streets.

“They never got out of the car,” said Weathermen. “They yelled an obscenity at me, I yelled back at them and I went to my daughter’s house.”

The suspects later followed Weatherman to his daughter’s home where the attack took place.

A video camera captures the conversation as Weatherman explains to the suspects how they “whizzed past” him and barely missed striking the front of his car.

The female suspect is seen verbally denying the close call to which Weatherman responds by telling the trio to “go away.”

As he walks outside and away from the front door, a male suspect suddenly shoves Weatherman to the ground.

The three suspects were captured on Weatherman’s neighbor’s security camera moments before the attack on Nov. 29.

At that moment, Weatherman’s daughter is seen running out the front door, yelling “Don’t push my dad!”

Weatherman recalls being shoved in the back “with two hands, very hard.” It all happened so quickly, he says he doesn’t even know if it was a push or an actual punch.

“They ran off, yelling a couple of obscenities at me like how he was going to mess me up,” recalled Weatherman.

The husband and grandfather of 11 is recovering from his injuries and hopes authorities can locate the suspects.

“They’re young people and I hope they don’t end up with some kind of permanent scar, but I also hope they learn that they can’t push people. You can’t knock people around.”

The case remains under investigation and authorities are still searching for the suspects.

Anyone who may recognize the suspects is asked to call the LA County Sheriff’s Department at 213-229-1700.

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