Venice Family Clinic completes merger with South Bay Family Health Care

THE ANGEL, November 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Venice Family Clinic and South Bay Family Health Care, which together have provided health care to LA County residents for more than a century, announced today that they have completed their merger and will move forward as a single organization.

The nonprofit health center, known as Venice Family Clinic, expands the scope and completeness of its services to the 45,000 patients who care for the two organizations and to people without care in their combined service areas stretching from the Santa Monica Mountains to to the south extend bay.

“The need for more comprehensive healthcare and better access to it has never been so clear,” said the CEO of the Venice Family Clinic Elizabeth Benson Forerwho will lead the merged organization. “This merger is taking place during a global public health crisis of historic proportions and at a time when communities everywhere The angel grapple with the consequences of inequalities in access and delivery of health care. The Venice Family Clinic and South Bay Family Health Care have long been allies in the fight to overcome health inequalities in better outcomes for our patients and the communities we serve. “

Each health center has been providing care for more than 50 years and has grown to serve neighboring areas that stretch from Malibu after Torrance and overlap in Inglewood and Hawthorne. The health center leadership teams have worked together for many years to better serve these areas, and their continued collaboration shaped the decision to merge operations.

“We share the same mission, values, and commitment to delivering care with compassion, dignity, and respect,” said Jann Hamilton Leewho served as CEO of South Bay Family Health Care and will serve as an officer of the merged organization until she retires in December. “With the merger, we will advance our common mission of providing high quality healthcare to people regardless of solvency, insurance or immigration status. Above all, we will be able to do more together for our patients than the two organizations could do “separately, and that is what makes this merger so exciting.”

Patients at both health centers can expect the same high quality care they currently enjoy from the same providers and in the same locations. At the same time, the combined organization will be able to build on and develop innovative programs that improve access to medical care and make patients and the community healthier. For example, the Venice Family Clinic plans to expand its groundbreaking street medicine program, which provides health care to the homeless, to the South Bay.

“Each of us has a proud legacy of caring for our communities, and we will use the best of each of us to create a stronger, unified organization,” said Forer. “Building on this legacy, we plan to expand our care to help people whose needs are not being met.”

About the Venice Family Clinic
The Venice Family Clinic is a leader in providing comprehensive, high quality primary health care to those in need. The organization recently merged with South Bay Family Health Care serves 45,000 patients at 17 locations in Venice, Santa Monica, Lake view, Inglewood, City of Culver, Redondo beach, Carson, Val Gardena and Hawthorn plus two mobile clinics and an extensive street medicine program for homeless people. The clinic provides integrated care by creating a one-stop healthcare system that offers multiple services, often in the same location and at the same time as primary care. These services include dental care, drug use treatment, mental health services, visual services, child development services, health education, prescription drugs, domestic violence counseling, HIV services, and health insurance. Visit for more information. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About South Bay Family Health Care
South Bay Family Health Care (SBFHC) is now part of the Venice Family Clinic. SBFHC was founded in 1969 as a family-planning-free clinic and grew to include five primary care clinics in Redondo beach, Val Gardena, Inglewood and Carson. More information is available at

SOURCE Venice Family Clinic

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