US Nuclear joins consortium to electrify mining vehicles

US Nuclear Joins Mining Vehicle Electrification Consortium | San Fernando Valley Business Journal

By Mark Madler

Friday 13th August 2021

The US Nuclear Corp. joined a consortium of companies as part of the Charge on Innovation Challenge to provide electricity to power mining vehicles.

Canoga Park’s nuclear detector maker formed ChargeMineBetter with Grapheton Inc., a San Diego company that makes carbon-based devices and energy storage systems. Solar Systems Resources Corp. in Poland, a developer of space mining equipment; and Four Point, also in Poland, a company working on autonomous machines for the mining industry.

The Charge on Innovation Challenge is a global competition sponsored by 17 mining companies from around the world, including the Rio Tinto Group in London, which owns the US Borax open pit mine in Boron in the Antelope Valley.

The competition aims to electrify mining trucks that will help the mining sector worldwide reduce its diesel fuel consumption and significantly reduce emissions, US Nuclear said in its press release.

The group’s entry into the challenge uses a supercapacitor system developed with Grapheton’s organic vapor deposition technology, which can reduce its carbon footprint and enable the mining industry to save billions of dollars and achieve its goal of decarbonizing the industry, said the enterprise .

The announcement to participate in the challenge was made on Monday. US Nuclear (UCLE) shares closed Friday 4 cents, or about 8.5 percent, to 48 cents over the counter.

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