Two upcoming virtual updates on the LA River Path Project

There are two upcoming virtual community update meetings for the LA River Path Project:

Saturday, November 13th, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Phone: 669.900.6833
Webinar ID: 831 9145 3227

Wednesday, November 17th, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Phone: 888.788.0099 (toll free)
Webinar ID: 811 0740 8213

It’s been a while since we posted an update on the project, so let’s start with a basic overview. The project will be a hiking and biking trail that bridges the eight-mile gap between the Elysian Valley and the town of Maywood.

When completed, there will be a 52 mile path along the river between the San Fernando Valley and Long Beach. The goal is simple: to provide a great recreational trail with many connections to nearby neighborhoods along with other key locations like Los Angeles State Historic Park, Union Station, and the proposed park under the new 6th Street Bridge under construction.

The trail will either lie on the river’s flood control canal, cut into the side of the canal, or run on an elevated structure along the river.

The draft environmental impact report of the project is expected to be published by the end of 2023. Before the pandemic, Metro held various workshops and events to help shape concepts for the project. To kick off work on the draft environmental report, four public scoping meetings were held in 2019.

Further information can be found on the project homepage. The project is funded in part by Measure M, the half-dime sales tax approved by LA County’s voters in 2016.

Further information can be found on the project homepage.

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