Two Escape Bear Burglary at the Sierra Madre Home – NBC Los Angeles

It kind of sounds like a Goldilocks story, just a little more scary.

Under the foothills of the Sierra Madre, north of Grandview Avenue, two people escaped a bear burglary.

Bridget Alvarez is 17 years old and her sister is 23.

The two of them were in the house, minding their own business, when they heard a knock on the bedroom door.

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials rescued a female bear who managed to put a plastic jar on her head.

Bridget opened it thinking it was her mother and two baby bears came in.

The two young women ran to Bridget’s sister’s room, but the door didn’t close all the way.

They called the police.

While the officers were trying to remedy the situation, they found that the boys’ mother was also in the house.

“My sister was [scared]because her door doesn’t actually lock, “said Bridget.

“You came out yourself. They smashed a window and went out.”

At that point, the police left the scene.

Wildlife experts say it is extremely dangerous to interact with baby bears while a mother bear is around. It is therefore a good thing that the two took shelter behind closed doors.

But as Bridget and other members of her family said, a lot happens in the foothills of the Sierra Madre.

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