Trader Joe’s, Vons, Whole Foods: Grocery stores open on Labor Day

SANTA MONICA, CA – As plans for the Labor Day celebration in Santa Monica and across America mount, trips to grocery stores are already being made. Trader Joe’s, Vons, and Rite Aid are among the popular grocery chains that have stocked up for the Workers Celebration Monday, which falls on September 6th this year.

It’s almost inevitable that a stash of spices, hot dogs, potato chips, and other Labor Day party classics will be forgotten that day. Fortunately for last minute shoppers, most grocery stores in and near Santa Monica will still be open to help.

Many grocery stores have face-covering guidelines as the coronavirus pandemic continues amid a nationwide spate of Delta variant cases.

Below is a list of grocery chains that will be open on Labor Day, along with at least one that won’t. Store hours are subject to change so call ahead before you go.

Bristol Farms: Most of the locations will be open, according to

Cost co: Costco is closed on Labor Day as member stores are closed on most major holidays.

CVS: Some CVS stores may have reduced opening hours as most pharmacies remain open.

Pavilions: Most locations are open during the holidays.

Ralphs: Most Kroger stores will be open on Labor Day, according to an overview of the stores that will open for the holiday.

Ritual help: Will be open at regular hours according to

Sam’s club: Will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Plus members can board earlier from 8 a.m.

target: Open at regular hours according to Reader’s Digest.

Trader Joes: Most will be open, said Reader’s Digest.

Of: According to, most locations will be open.

Walgreens: Opens at regular times according to Reader’s Digest.

WalMart: Open at regular hours according to Reader’s Digest.

Whole food market: According to, most locations will be open.


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