Tom Hanks crashes wedding on the beach in Santa Monica

SANTA MONICA (KABC) – A local couple from San Dimas had an unexpected wedding cracker over the weekend.

Actor Tom Hanks stopped at the beach in Santa Monica after their ceremony to snap photos with Diciembre and Tashia Farries. According to the couple, Hanks said he watched the ceremony from afar.

“He asked if he could take a picture with us and gave us a lot of positive words and good love tips,” said Tashia Farries.

The couple said their special day was even better than they hoped it would be. But they felt that their unexpected guest was giving them a sign. Hanks and Diciembrie’s late brother have the same birthday.

“My brother died in 2017. So it was very special to know that of all the people who could have been on Santa Monica Beach that day, it was Tom Hanks’ way to let us know he was there, “said Diciembre Farries.

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