To the Polk County Board: | Letters to the editor

When we look at the proposed pig factory, which is of great concern to people who like to live in Polk County, the situation boils down to greed and money. We were privileged to have had the time to plan our future, even as the Twin Cities metropolitan area grows in our direction. This luxury is disappearing quickly.

Change driven by greed and money comes quickly when it comes to it. In just two decades, I’ve seen what it’s done to the San Fernando Valley, so when I left California the communities scrambled to find and buy vacant lots to provide green spaces and public parks. Greed and money had pushed things so fast and hard that they lost what we in Polk County take for granted.

What pig factories do to land, water, and people is well documented in Iowa. It doesn’t have to happen here, but we have to choose that it won’t happen. It is wishful thinking to believe that the destruction of the circumstances and lifestyles we now enjoy will not happen. Instead, the first – and certainly not the last – pig factory will only bring what we see in Iowa. Why will it be different? If greed and money bring us the first factory, it will be too late. Our county board needs to keep this outside company from getting involved. Why? Because it is the greed of outsiders, they want the money and we will be left with the destructive results.

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