To councilors whining about redistribution: Adapt

To the editor: Any member of the Los Angeles City Council who is angry about the proposed borough boundaries in their own interest should remember that wax adjusted years ago when the council tried to write member Joel Wachs out of political existence and won big.

It was then that the council moved Wachs’ district to the far east of the San Fernando Valley, thinking the good people of Sunland and Shadow Hills would not approve of being represented by a gay Jew from Pennsylvania.

Did wax whine in response? Hardly: he bought a big Stetson and organized huge barbecues in the conservative and equestrian areas that kept voting for him until his retirement.

A piece of retail policy advice to my own councilor Nithya Raman: It’s time to buy a hat.

Steve Meister, Sherman Oaks


To the Editor: The League of Women Voters of Greater Los Angeles, which serves the entire city of Los Angeles as well as a number of other cities, supports your editorial call for a constitutional amendment and an independent redistribution commission for the city.

We have also identified some of the problems with the non-independent commission, such as the political manipulation of the composition of the commission and the many “ex parte” interactions the commission has with city council members and their staff.

The league will seek other non-partisan partners in order to prepare for a constitutional change in the coming year.

Mona Field, Los Angeles

The author is President of the League of Women Voters of Greater Los Angeles.

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