Thomas Ian Griffith remains proud of his role in The Karate Kid Part III

It goes without saying that The Karate Kid Part III isn’t the most popular part of the franchise as many fans of the series consider the sequel to be the franchise’s rock bottom. That is not to say that the film has no fans, as some viewers appreciate many things about the film, which originally released in theaters in 1989. Among those who see the brighter side of the film is actor Thomas Ian Griffith, who repeats his role from The Karate Kid Part III on the latest season of Cobra Kai.

After his retaliation, Griffith spoke to The Hollywood Reporter for the first time in 1989 against Terry Silver. Griffith, for his part, is not that critical of the film. He admits it’s not a “great movie,” but Griffith is pretty happy with the way he played the role.


“For me, I had just come to LA from New York, and [the late director] John Avildsen risked an unknown actor, ”said Griffith. “It’s by no means a great film, but to this day I am proud of my work because I was brave enough not to hold back. Avildsen kept pushing me to try. And that was risky when, as an actor, you went into an already established project. It was a positive experience for me, but I didn’t carry the weight of the previous films. Some of it worked and some didn’t, but I had the courage to just try, which I acknowledge to myself. “

The actor added: “I hadn’t seen the movie in a long time, but it was on TV recently and my wife said, ‘We have to see it!’ And I said, ‘No we don’t.’ But we did and it was like, oh, there were dimensions and levels with that manipulative charm that I got myself into all these years later in the movie, just imagine what the outtakes were like! “

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Cobra Kai Season 4 Trailer: Terry Silver ReturnsNetflix

“I was really on the fence about going back to the same character,” Griffith says of his return from Cobra Kai. “I had reservations, but the makers [Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald, and Hayden Schlossberg] had mapped out a path for this guy. They answered any questions I had like, ‘Why was he the way he was? What makes him tick? What has he been doing in the past 30 years? ‘ That was all part of their explanation and so engaging. Plus we were all in the joke of a billionaire who left his world then and now to return to the karate world in the San Fernando Valley. “

Thomas Ian Griffith also teases that fans will see the “next level” of Terry Silver in season five of Cobra Kai. It’s not yet clear when Season 5 will be out, but the season is slated to finish in late 2021, so we hope it isn’t too far off anymore. For now, fans can enjoy the first four seasons on Netflix.

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