This Is How Much Justin Bieber’s Clothing Brand Drew House Makes

What can’t Justin Bieber do? He’s been on world tours, released non-stop hit singles, and is happily married to model Hailey Bieber. Now in recent years, he’s added fashion mogul to his name. Fans might recognize the ubiquitous smiley face logo that shows up on Justin Bieber, his wife’s outfits, and all the cool kids’ social media from time to time. That cheery face represents Bieber’s clothing line, Drew.

With his ex-swagger coach and stylist Ryan Good, who’s been in Bieber’s close inner circle since the singer’s teenage years, along with artist Gianpiero D’Alessandro, the trio launched the brand in 2019. Fast-forward a few years, and the line still finds success today. Now, there’s no question that Justin Bieber boasts a sizable net worth, but how has his clothing line Drew done?


What Inspired Justin Bieber’s Drew

Bieber has gone through his fair share of ups and downs growing up in the spotlight. Who can forget the time he was gifted a pet monkey that sadly ended up confiscated? (the monkey now lives in a German zoo) Or when he was caught drag racing under the influence in his Lambo in a residential neighborhood?

But there is redemption to his story. His road to recovery and healing brought Bieber growth, not only physically but also spiritually. Drew’s designer D’Alessandro shared that the clothing line symbolized “an artistic rebirth” for the singer and his journey to find his “true self.”

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Drew is also the singer’s middle name.

Above all else, in terms of what the brand stands for, Ryan Good, the creative director behind the brand, shared that ‘the goal for the brand doesn’t go much further beyond what they’ve already done.’

Maybe it’s not that deep – or it’s just that simple; “The main aspirations are just to have fun and enjoy making things that we want to make,” Good said.

The average collection for Drew ranges from a line of feel-good designed items from comfortable – lots of soft-knit sweats, sweatshirts, and tees – to corduroy cargos and accessories from crew socks and plush toys to tote bags, all stamped with the friendly Drew logo or smile.

Drew Started With An Affordable Pair Of Slippers

justin bieber and issa rae during an snl promovia YouTube

In the past, Bieber has been famously papped, despite his 250 million dollars net worth, for his love of free hotel slippers, just casually walking around out of hotels and onto the streets in them.

It makes sense that Drew’s first capsule collection would be a version of said slippers.

The iconic $4.99 smiley-face hotel slippers lit up the Internet. Fun, affordable, and down-to-earth, almost immediately after the drop, they completely sold out.

Good shared that the hotel slippers were Bieber’s idea. Since Bieber loved hotel slippers so much, the plan was to make a batch and send them out to friends and family for Christmas.

With the extra inventory, they decided to put them on the website. (Plus, it’s also great when friends like rapper Travis Scott post the slippers on social media, and the demand grows.)

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“We could have sold those things for much more, but I was like, No, these things are cheap hotel slippers. Let’s make sure that when people get them they know that they’re just buying cheap hotel slippers. So we were able to just sell them for five bucks,” said Good.

The brand has extended its collection to hats, accessories, and clothing emblazoned with the Drew happy face logo or a teddy bear named Theodore.

Prices have since gone up – to fans’ chagrin – and range within streetwear brand prices – a pair of shorts can cost as much as $138 and sweatshirts around $90.

How Much Has Justin Bieber’s Drew Made?

One would think with Bieber’s name and reputation, Drew would be a large-scale operation. Surprisingly, it’s the opposite. With Bieber at the top of the pyramid, the backing could have gone the other way, but instead, the team decided to keep operations small and in-house.

“We have a website and we’re doing it all ourselves,” revealed Good. “So we basically have the luxury to just be like, Yeah, we’re going to make what we want to make.”

Regarding the team’s hands-on mentality, he added, “Let’s actually operate this like we are printing T-shirts in the Valley and selling them out of our car.”

Justin and Hailey Bieber out in publicvia: InStar Images

True to those words, their offices, according to the brand’s Instagram, reside in a house in the San Fernando Valley.

Sort of like an adult playground for fashion, community, and creativity. Models, skateboarders, and creatives frolic and collaborate at the house and shoot beautiful imagery.

This approach seems to work for the brand. While exact revenue numbers have yet to be revealed, according to Vogue Business, the brand has “climbed over 200 percent annually since its launch in 2019,” and is in the “mid-to-high eight-figure sales” annually (ie mid – to high tens of millions).

That’s not too shabby when brands like Victoria Beckham’s namesake, while critically acclaimed, are struggling with millions in debt.

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Congratulations are clearly in order for Bieber and his crew.

“Drew House is the place where you are free to express yourself and be yourself,” shared Gianpiero. “You can dress comfortably with very bright and radiant colors. A happy, unspoiled world. Let us spread happiness.”

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