The West Coast’s largest LED drive-in screen debuts in Santa Monica

Oct 26, 2021

After more than a year of design, planning, approval and construction, the largest drive-in LED screen on the west coast made its debut at the rooftop cinema club The Drive-Up at Santa Monica Airport, according to a company press release.

Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment was commissioned by the Rooftop Cinema Club to design and build the large LED screen.

The Rooftop Cinema Club has reinvented the drive-in and launched the drive-in / drive-up hybrid cinema experience with personal lawn boxes with private lounge chairs and a shared side table.

“The real star of the show is the new 15-meter wide LED video screen with the latest LED technology,” said Darrell Landers, CTO of UOE, in the press release. “With almost 4K resolution and brilliant new LEDs with 8,000 NITS brightness and specially developed single LEDs with bright white tips and jacket-like black bodies, this LED screen offers incredible illumination while at the same time rejecting direct sunlight, resulting in impressive high definition leads visual experience – day and night! “

In addition to the lawn box seats at the front, there are traditional drive-in parking spaces for almost 100 cars directly behind the lawn box seats. Sound is broadcast through speakers for forward visibility, FM radio for car viewers, and wireless LED headphone options, as well as a custom mobile audio app.

“Unlike projection screens, the new LED video wall that we have specially made for the Rooftop Cinema Club is not limited to night use,” said Laura Landers, President and CEO, in the press release. “Super bright LED screens open up a ton of other content options for our customers, such as:

Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment was founded in Austin, Texas in 2008. The family business offers audiovisual rentals nationwide, including outdoor movies, LED screens, and mobile drive-in events through partner sites.

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