The Pacific Wheel displays the five seals of the armed services – NBC Los Angeles

What you should know

  • Thursday, November 11th, sunset until midnight
  • View for free on Santa Monica Pier or on the Pacific Wheel webcam
  • The seals of the five armed forces are on display, along with American flags and patriotic images

Poignant and patriotic presentations are one of the thrilling core pieces of Veterans Day, which we reflect on and honor on November 11th each year.

You can find these moving displays at pompous parades, stately ceremonies, and anywhere people gather to show their deep gratitude to those who have served.

However, sometimes these displays can go beyond beautiful floral sprays and the startling signs and messages that sometimes appear at Veterans Day events.

If you’re looking for the biggest Veterans Day visual in town, all you need to do is look west to the Santa Monica Pier from most locations in Southern California.

Because the Pacific Wheel, the celebrated solar-powered attraction, will shine with gratitude on the evening of Thursday, November 11th.

In addition to red, white and blue tones and patriotic symbols, the seals of the five armed forces shimmer across the side of the 9-story attraction, which is illuminated thanks to 174,000 LED lights.

In addition, the “… City of Santa Monica” will host a live-streamed personal veteran memorial service with the Los Angeles Army Recruitment Battalion and the California Army National Guard on Thursday, November 11th at 11 am in North Beach Day get together Lot 1, 1550 PCH, “said Pacific Park staff.

“A limited number of seats will be available for personal participation and the Santa Monica community is encouraged to watch the ceremony live on the city’s YouTube. COVID-19 safety measures are in place.”

You can watch the commemoration live stream from home and then watch the Ferris wheel webcam from sundown on November 11th to see the Veterans Day presentation.

The time the sun goes down? Set your clock to 4:53 PM and turn it on. The show ends at midnight.

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