The new Los Angeles Housing Plan promotes equitable development and protects Angelenos from displacement

THE ANGEL, July 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Los Angeles City Planning (City Planning) and the Housing + Community Investment Department (HCIDLA) released the Housing Element of the Master Plan, also known as The Plan to House LA. This draft aims to house nearly 500,000 housing units over the next eight years, of which over 200,000 are reserved for low-income residents.

To achieve and address this goal los Angeles Housing shortages would require the city to add around 57,000 new units annually over the next eight years – which means that urban housing production targets would increase five-fold from their current level.

The Plan to House LA will launch new city-wide strategies to achieve a more equitable distribution of marketable and affordable units in all countries The angel, provides quality access to housing for residents, including people with disabilities, large families and older adults. The draft plan sets clear goals and objectives to underpin future policy considerations.

These strategies include an ambitious reallocation program for The angel, one that will result in capacity for over 200,000 new housing units within three years of the plan’s adoption. The reallocation program will increase housing density and allowances, especially in neighborhoods with access to good jobs, schools and facilities.

“This plan, our Plan to House LA, was designed with our residents in mind, especially those who have been disenfranchised, marginalized and left without housing due to large wealth gaps and the lack of affordable units,” said the director of planning Bertoni wins. “As a city, we have made it our business to develop a number of strategies that will enable us to successfully meet our challenges in residential construction. By carefully balancing production, affordable housing and protection, we want to gain new access to housing, take significant steps to end chronic homelessness, and accommodate Angelenos without fear of displacement. ”

Before the plan is advanced through the adoption process, City Planning and HCIDLA will host outreach events to gather additional input from the community. After the Urban Planning Commission has reviewed the final recommendations, it will be presented to the entire city council for approval later this fall and will guide the creation and implementation of the city’s housing policy from 2021 to 2029.

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SOURCE LA Urban Planning

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