‘The Great Temecula Toast’ Goes for a World Record – NBC Los Angeles

what to know

  • The Great Temecula Toast will take place on April 26 in Old Town Temecula
  • Participants should sign up by April 4 (and be 21+); a commemorative glass and local business discounts; free to join
  • People are free to watch the toast relay, even if they don’t sign up

CHEERS TO A WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT: Have you been at a table during a toast? Then you likely know that everyone present raises a glass high when the speaker sharing a stirring benediction wraps up. But sometimes, and more quirkily, a toast can go around the table, with each person offering a personal word of encouragement, tribute, or cheer to an immediate neighbor, along with the all-important raised flute of something delicious. You could call such an enchanting act a small and personal wine relay, encompassing the few guests seated at the table. But what if a toast relay went on, and on, and on, and hundreds of people joined the joy-filled festivity? There probably isn’t a table large enough, truly.

BUT THINKING BIG? That can happen, and that’s just what Visit Temecula Valley is doing, as the tourism group plans to go for a whimsical, wine-related world record. the goal? Beat the record for the Longest Toast Relay, which is held by Coca-Cola. The soft drink giant’s record-breaker included 1,300 people, and Visit Temecula Valley is looking to top that with its toast relay line. If you’re thinking of signing up for The Great Temecula Toast, which will take place on April 26, you’ll need to let them know by April 4 (after that date, sign-ups will be closed but spectators are welcome). You’ll want to read up on all safety considerations, the details on playing a part, and everything important, including being age 21 or older. The QR registration code? It’s on this site.

LOCAL TEMECULA BUSINESSES… will be giving participants discounts, should you plan to do a day or two in the vineyard-filled region. And here’s a token to remember the offbeat outing by: You’ll get to keep the commemorative glass.

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