The development of Santa Monica Vons sees design changes

The design changes at 710 Broadway in Santa Monica are shown in new renderings

By Dolores Quintana

The developer of the 710 Broadway project has created new renderings showing the design changes made to the proposed development and submitted them to the Santa Monica Architectural Review Board for approval, Urbanize Los Angeles reports.

Developer Related California’s mixed-use apartment complex is a redevelopment of a Vons grocery store site into a five- to eight-story building near the E-Line subway station. This proposed development is located between 7th Street, Broadway and Lincoln Boulevard and would include a total of 280 one, two and three bedroom apartments with 354 underground parking spaces for residents and visitors. These apartments would sit above a large 99,000 square foot retail space that would house a Vons grocery store so the neighborhood would not lose the grocery store and gym.

A total of 84 of the apartments would be reserved as land-registered, affordable living space. 27 units would be reserved for median incomes, 25 units for households with 80% of the region’s median income, 16 units for households with 50% of the region’s median income, and finally 16 units also for households with 30% of the region’s median income. As such, this development would reserve more homes for low-income families than most developments.

According to Urbanize Los Angeles, LARGE Architecture’s design for 710 Broadway is intended as three separate design expressions, with a curvilinear shape facing Broadway, a folded facade along 7th Street, and waves on Lincoln Boulevard. Plans are for an exterior with brick facade, glass and wood accents, as well as open spaces such as a large podium terrace and a rooftop comfort level.”

The Santa Monica Architectural Review Board staff report recommends approval, noting that the design and development team listened and took the community’s notes and made appropriate changes to the project.

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